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    4 Corners Attractions

    Planning on vacationing with my family (wife/toddler/mother) in May/June down near the 4 corners area, and am looking for any/all recommendations on destinations. In particular was looking for recommendations for a home base. Will be in the area for a bit over a week. Never been down there...
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    Moving to Texas

    First big move of my adult life (22 now), going from South Dakota to Texas, any good advice that you wish you'd had during your first move? For grad school down at A&M.
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    Bernie Sanders

    Thoughts on Bernie as the democratic candidate? Just really starting to look into the candidates this year and I know he's one I hear about all the time from my peers (college students). At first glance he's the one I prefer, but obviously he's appealing to all my current issues (student debt...
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    Rubio trade?

    Rumors of Rubio being fairly available this offseason. What would people be willing to offer for him, and do we think we could get him for what we could realistically offer? Just started thinking about it myself, probably post my ideas later.
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    Eminence's 'Dream Team'

    Ok, so first off it's not exactly a Dream Team, more like a team that came to me in a dream. I was just thinking about what some of our wants/needs as a team are and how I would fix them given the keys to the franchise. This team just kind of coalesced in my head whilst doing that. At first...
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    2015 Offseason

    Hey everyone, first post on these boards, so not really sure what all the common chatter is right now. But I'm just going to go over what I'm thinking for the team going forward into the next season and what we should be looking for. Recently (after the break) I've really been a fan of our...