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    Azubuike is back from his injury

    Good news:
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    Game Thread Apr 28, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Kings Official

    The fact that this isn't a back to back and that they aren't calling it injury maintenance like they have in the past leads me to believe he's reaggravated his hamstring injury and could miss a few games.
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    Conley out and Clarkson doubtful tomorrow vs. Washington

    The Wizards beat us in Washington and tomorrow night could be tough without Conley and Clarkson, especially if Beal goes off and Westbrook has a good game.
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    Utes looking to hire Alex Jensen

    Looks like the Jazz may lose another assistant.
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    Should the Jazz shut Favors down for a while?

    Favor's looks like a shell of himself right now. His defense has looked bad for a while... he's giving us almost no rim protection and he looks like he can barely jump. We're starting to have the same problems we did last season when Rudy was off the floor. Morgan and Ilyasova can hold down the...
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    Jazz to release Shaq Harrison

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    Rudy and Donovan are headed to the all star game

    Congrats to Rudy and Donovan, very well deserved. I'm still holding out hope Conley can get in as an injury replacement.
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    Quin named western conference coach of the month

    Congrats to Quin. Well deserved.
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    Jazz covid thread

    I thought we should have a thread keeping track of players missing practices/games due to covid.
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    Donovan to play point guard and Conley to play off the ball

    According to Tony Jones, Donovan will be playing point this season and Mike will play off ball with the starters and then be the primary ball handler with the second unit. I think it's a great move, we all knew Donovan was going to be a point guard eventually so why wait.
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    AT&T Sports Net will begin airing classic Jazz games

    AT&T Sports Net will be showing classic games from the past few seasons, beginning tonight with the overtime thriller vs. the Blazers from 2017.
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    Rudy has tested positive for coronavirus

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    Haywood and Jaylen Brown out vs. the Jazz

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    Jazz vs. depleted Nuggets

    Tonight The Jazz are at home after 3 days off against a very shorthanded Nuggets team that played last night. We really need to win this one.
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    Westbrook out and Harden doubtful vs. the Jazz

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    Which Jazz player(s) will make the all star game?

    A few weeks ago I didn't think there was any way in hell the Jazz would get two players on the all star team. But we've since gone on to win 17 of our last 19 games, making us the hottest team in the NBA and putting us top 3 in the west. Both Donovan and Rudy are playing incredible basketball...
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    Jazz vs. Pelicans (6:00 MT)

    Game #36. 23-12 Jazz vs. 12-24 Pelicans Our first time going up against Favors. The Gobert/Favors matchup will be fun to watch. Despite a 12-24 record the Pelicans have been playing very well lately. They've won 5 of their last 6 games, 3 of those wins were against the Nuggets, Rockets and...
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    Jazz vs. Pistons (7:00 MT)

    Game #33. 20-12 Jazz vs. the 12-21 Pistons. Conley is still out for the Jazz. Kennard, Jackson and Morris are out for the Pistons. Griffin is doubtful. Could be a trap game, a below .500 team with a lot of injuries. But I expect us to take care of business and win by double digits.