1. movedaball

    Utah House of Rep. honors Spida, while telling Shaq to go fudge himself

    “... BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the [Utah] House of Representatives consider making the “Spida" the official state arachnid.... BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED ‘Aight. That's it.’” Some great lines in here. As a socialist, I’m not a fan of the political makeup or agenda of Utah’s state government (I’m...
  2. movedaball

    How would save this team as “the DL replacement”?

    I know this is 10? games into the season, but clearly Dennis has screwed up some... And by “save” I mean basically get the team to where we all were led to believe it could go by those in management and the players and some local media even this year... so basically what could get us into the...
  3. movedaball

    Too much scheming and not enough athleticism or talent?

    It seems as if the Jazz rely too much on schemes to play their best basketball, and not enough on pure athleticism and talent (probably because they’re lacking in it). They have great offensive schemes, and great defensive schemes. But when teams throw wrenches into those schemes, the Jazz don’t...
  4. movedaball

    Bogey’s ankles don’t like Donovan’s shoes

    Is it just me or does Bogey roll his ankles in Donovan’s shoes to a much greater degree than normal? I remember this happening last year too, no? Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz mobile app