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    I admitedly know very little about it. In recent years it feels like it's been accepted more but it also seems like lot of people refuse to acknowledge it and its still kind of underground in a way. I have heard arguments for and against it(environment impact seems to be a concern). Elon Musk...
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    Donovan & Rudy Fined

    Refs reportedly given raises
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    Dante Exum to the Rockets

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    NFL Playoffs

    Good AFC matchups this week Bills-Colts( go bills) Browns-Steelers Ravens-Titans
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    Jazz vs Spurs Game Thread?

    No thread half an hour before game? LMA and Derrick White have been ruled out. May we be powered by Rem Lezar
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    Goals for each player

    Donovan - Get to the foul line more often. If we want to compare him to Wade he's going to have to really improve that part of his game. Rudy - keep developing the hook shot. He showed it a bit last season but wasn't a regular part of his game.
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    Stars to play in bubble

    Idk if this was posted already, was news to me Sent them back 500k apparently..
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    Jazzfanz Fantasy Basketball 20-21

    We have a free yahoo fantasy league that is looking for active managers. We have 8 people so far who have committed to play this season .Ideally I would like a 12 team league. If you can't stay active over the course of a season... No seriously inactivity has been a problem in this league...
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    Utah Football 2020

    The well that was disappointing, lets give Whitt an extension and see what happens this year thread.
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    Utah Man

    not quite florida man but let's see what we can do... "Utah man steals truck for alien encounter, but felt bad and returned it" https://kutv.com/news/local/utah-man-steals-truck-for-alien-encounter-but-felt-bad-and-returned-it?ref=hvper.com&utm_source=hvper.com&utm_medium=website
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    Clipps-Nuggz Gm 7 Discussion

    since there isn't a whole lot to talk about jazz wise figured this deserves it's own thread. Can the nuggets pull of 3-1 comebacks in b2b series. Can the clippers finally get over the hump(0-7 all time in 2nd round). Playoff P says they are still in the drivers seat.
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    Alex Smith: Project 11

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    Utah Vanity Plate that says DeportM

    I saw this story in the news today: https://www.sltrib.com/news/politics/2020/02/04/new-bill-would-prohibit/ How many employees saw this and said this is fine. There's got to be a better system in place right?
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    Jazzfanz Fantasy League

    If you were involved in the league last year you don't have to do anything. I have removed the 3 owners who were inactive last year so we have 3 spots. Draft is held on the Sunday night the week the season begins. This is a free league on Yahoo that we've held for 10+ years. here's the link to...
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    Who to take at 53

    Looking through the history of 53rd pick you'll find it pretty underwhelming. But there is one name that does stand out..Greg Buckner. What does it all mean? It could just be a coincidence...or is it destiny? Who do you want the jazz to take at 53?
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    Regular Season vs Playoff Performance

    I was kind of curious how players have looked in this series vs how they performed this season. Looking at offensive and defensive ratings... Rudy O - 133(RS)-133(PO) Rudy D - 100-106 Difference -6 Rudy has remained steady. Though his defensive rating has dipped that was expected in this...
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    It looks like Phoenix is going to deliver a awesome peformance in this one. Trailer has me intrigued.
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    Neighbor dogs barking

    My neighbors dog likes to bark through the night. It wakes me up everytime. This seems to be getting worse and worse. And now tonight(its nearing 1 am in the morning) the other neighbor who lives right next to them seems fed up and now has their bigger dog barking at the smaller dog. Its like a...
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    Donovan Mitchell Rookie Season Mix

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    Jazzfanz Fantasy B-Ball

    I renewed the league from last year so if you were in it you are in the league currently. If you don't want to participate this year let me know and I'll remove you from the league. Saint Cy of JFC ONE LOVE Darkwing Duck