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    basketball fans! lets discuss the playoffs as they happens for us hardcore NBA fans that will probably watch most of the playoffs games. Same idea as the play in thread.
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    NBA play in tournament thread

    instead of having this discussion in micro bits all over other threads I thought it would be consecutive to have it under one thread here. What do you guys think between the warriors/lakers match up? I think ill go with the grizz over the spurs and then I could see the lakers dropping their...
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    Donovan Mitchell Needs to be held accountable

    that was ****ing pathetic of a performance from an all star that I hve ever ****ing seen. Mitchell turns the ball over and lets the other team right back in as soon as he came back in the 4th. Disaster after disaster.
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    Mitchell and gobert all stars officially.

    Great news happy for them Both now stop losing ****ing games to under cooked teams. Ty.
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    Some of you are seriously deranged cry babies

    Look, the jazz for the past 2 years since haywoods departure have been a solid team. The jazz this year are the best team we have put together since the dwill boozer days. All i see is people moaning and crying. Im honestly disgusted by your attitude as jazz fans. Ive been following this...
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    Mitchell about to get hit with a fine

    Hes right. Its a load of bullcrap. 3 times in the l2m report now.
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    CHINA vs the NBA.

    Cliff notes: Rockets gm morey tweeted in support of HK and the company that broadcasts the NBA in china has severed all ties with the biggest most popular nba team in china(bc of yao ming) at the drop of a dime. I am very interested to see how this potential domino plays out. Is adam silver...
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    Bob lazar on joe rogan, thoughts?

    whole raid area 51 thing kicked off after his interview on joe rogan. Seems like a load of pig ****. Surprised how many people eat it up.
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    So uhh... where are jeff green and mudiay?

    Havent announced their officiAl signing yet? The Marcus Morris situation with the spurs and knocks has to make you wonder.
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    Donovan Mitchell is pretty damn global at this point

    I see kids in taiwan wearing the kicks and I also saw a few kids with the mitchell spiderman tshirt. Thats awesome!
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    Mike conley’s dad dunking from behind the FT line...

    Mike conley sr takes off !!! Damn!
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    Haywood about to get his wish...

    rubios business partner just posted some lyrics on twitter about “utah its been real” Now news is that celtics are very interested in rubio, and I think he would work well there. Hope it goes **** up tho. Rubio but hurt.
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    Rubio not staying?

    https://www.sltrib.com/sports/2019/04/26/ricky-rubio-says-hes/ Sounds like he might be looking to get out after the trade rumors of him and conley leaked.
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    Non jazz 2019 playoff discussion.

    watching game 1 philly vs nets right now. Embiid putting on a brick show from 3
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    Nba players vote on coach(aside from their own) they would most & least like to play for

    least(surprised igor with a 11.5%..... 1. Tom Thibodeau (34.6%), 2. Jim Boylen (21.1%) 3. Igor Kokoskov (11.5%) 4. Nate McMillan (5.7%) 5. Stan Van Gundy (4.8%) 6. Gregg Popovich (3.8 coaches nba player would most like to play for goes.... Gregg Popovich (40.9%) Brad Stevens (10%) Steve...
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    Addidas spida venom

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    In taiwan.

    i wont go into detail how this happened right now, but im currently in taiwan in a motel thats falling apart. Lost damn near everything.
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    as you know i live in the swamps of florida and I made tons of moonshine...talkin gallons. STAY OFF MY PROPERTY............ I GOT MOONSHINE FOR DAYS, UNCLE PAUL OVER HERE GOIN NUTS AND ARTHUR THE ALCHY HERE TOO. YOU BOYS JOHN LUCAS 0090 IM CHANNELING AN ANCIENT SWAMP DANCE JAZZ WILL WIN A LOT OF...
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    anybody going to mention that dirty *** play embiid had on rubio?

    i mean holly crap, that could have seriously put rubio out for the entire year. Good lord, embiid is one dirty *************.
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    Harden's stepback travel on full blast, nearing a million views.

    ****** that it happen, but these refs need to be suspended.