1. Darkwing Duck

    What is your morning routine?

    This is me until the last few years where either lack of sleep or quality sleep, not sure which, or both. Been so hard to wake up and get out of bed. I hit snooze once last week. Was weird.
  2. Darkwing Duck

    What is your morning routine?

    Get up at 10, eat breakfast and read paper, shower, prep lunch and coffee, hopefully get to office at 11.
  3. Darkwing Duck


    I report things in hopes of making the boards more readable. I suppose that makes me less manly to make an effort to make something I do more pleasing to some people. Those people can pound sand as far as I'm concerned. It's either report or leave the board. I currently choose the former.
  4. Darkwing Duck

    Worldwide Genocide Continues: 13,867 DEAD from COVID-19 Shots

    Is sanitation a part of that or not? Clean water is nothing without the other side, toilets and sewers, existing.
  5. Darkwing Duck

    Has anybody attended the road game watch parties?

    Did a watch party at Gameface's once. Was fun. That was Rubio's triple double game I think.
  6. Darkwing Duck


    Got a birdie on the weekend which is nice.
  7. Darkwing Duck

    Holy piss, the Apollo moon missions were fake?!

    Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.
  8. Darkwing Duck


    Leadbetter...didn't he win back to back to back AAU national championships? Anyway, I like the random commentaries on my swing. Comparing to Furyk was unexpected. I AM aware of the peculiarities of my swing. In fact, now it's story time. Got into golf around 13 years old or so. I suppose...
  9. Darkwing Duck


    First time I've ever really filmed my own swing. Didn't like the beginning of my backswing. Going to be working on that. I'm surprised I get parallel. Didn't feel like I did. Wanted to do a side film, but didn't want to film the other golfers at the range. Was busier than I expected.
  10. Darkwing Duck


    Because I enjoyed going out to do it PLUS i have a bit of a handle on pocket technology that I certainly did not have when this thread was last posted in, I am bumping a nearly 8 year old thread with a gif of my swing.
  11. Darkwing Duck


    Full disclosure. I went from "barely noticeable" mild symptoms when I posted that last night to "HOLY HELL, just think if I really did get Covid" mild symptoms. Whole body hurts. Should be fine tomorrow.
  12. Darkwing Duck


    No real large side effects for me and I'm 9 hours in to dose 2.
  13. Darkwing Duck

    Donovan out vs Memphis

    Chicago is the best team in the league?
  14. Darkwing Duck

    Game Thread Mar 22, 2021 07:00PM MT: Jazz at Bulls

    Which one of the Bulls out there is Otto Porter Jr?
  15. Darkwing Duck

    The Biden Administration and All Things Politics

    What else are you going to do without a pension to look forward to?
  16. Darkwing Duck

    DST For You and Me!

    I certainly prefer DST over ST.
  17. Darkwing Duck

    The Minimum Wage and Hourly Rates Thread

    Are you saying the economy in America is so robust (and this goes before the pandemic) that businesses, especially small businesses, can't afford to pay their employees a livable wage?