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    Bff new guy

    I love all the new Guys we signed but out of all of them which one after this year are we going to be saying man I’m so glad we picked him up. Don spider is going to explode this year .which new guy is going to put on the safety goggles and join him as a soulful assasin and bff new guy.i say...
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    Third point

    Wasn’t impressed tonight with the point guard play, and with the waiving of Neto what is the answer for 3rd point guard? I want to believe in exum and have a good feeling about him but still we need a good player to fill in and be able to play well. Do we need a Caruso or .?.. any answers who...
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    38.3 wins for JAZZ

    Purple and BLUES predict 38.3 wins this season.I know roster might not be set yet bla bla bla,but if Vegas sets the Jazz win line at 38 wins would you put down some money on Utah beating that number. I definitely would,maybe even bet the house.;)
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    Happy B-DAY Jae 27 years old and Utah

    is calling you like it called your daddy. Welcome home Mr Crowder, we have your back here.
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    JAZZ 777

    The Jazz need to move to Vegas.It could happen and it should happen if they are ever goin to get the backing to win a title. which I thought is the reason for having a team.How is the best way to make it so.
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    2 Qs..Oh its SO on

    Our 4 BIGS have reasons for big year,which one or ones leave us saying wow.also bonus Q. would you want to see a tag team match between Everywhere GOBERT and Do ME no FAVORS FOR for the belt VS. Rip Throats Booker and his partner the UNDERKANTER. kANTER BIG YEAR that leaves us sying wow,but all...
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    Dont Veto Neto

    This should be an easy decision. Bring over Neto this year.There is going to be a fight between Burke and Exum for point.We know who the loser will be. The jazz need to secure the backup to Dante by bringing over Neto. Then cut bait with Trey before it rips at the team.Good by Trey ,thanks for...
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    I think the Jazz will surprise if we can stay healthy and win at least half their games or more. Dante running pick and roll will unleash Kanter and Favors with Gobert ,Booker Evans and Thomas backing up.Then our guard play with Hayward, Burks,Exum,Burke,and some timely 3s from Novak,good things...
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    Stockton to Malone in the Now

    Stockton and Malone had some good players on their teams but almost but didnt win it all.So if we put Stock and Malone in their best days on the Jazz now with Kanter Favors Burke Hayward Burkes Gobert etc. would we be able to win it all?
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    Flip tells utah to buy a fishing pole

    Flip Saunders on MIKE AND MIKE this morning tells the world that the Jazz wont make the playoffs.He saysthat he has studied the rest of the years games for Houston LALA and Utah and that he says Houston will win 46,LALA GETS 44,AND jAZZ win 43.So the JAZZ go fishing with HOUSTON and the Lakers...
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    Final 24

    If you knew exactly when you were going to kick the bucket,what would be the things you would do with the final 24 hours you would have left alive on this earth? :confused:
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    jazz depth= secret weapon

    It seems that the silver lining to this season may be the depth of this team.Guys like Ginobli Dwill and Dwade and many others on teams are hurt and like last game with the shorthanded bucks gave us a huge advantage.Iknow we had a lil bite of the injury bug last night but not anything to derail...
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    2011-2012 jazz mvp

    im hoping the Jazz make the playoffs this coming season,assuming there is a season,and if the Jazz do make the playoffs,which Jazz player will be the mvp on the team and the main reason it happens?WILL IT BE A ROOKIE? Or will it be Hayward or one of the vets?
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    jazz identity under Corbin

    assuming we play ball next year,and with Corbin now knowing after the draft what players he has to work with,what type of offense will Corbin institute? will he be jerry jr. and keep things the same or will he change things greatly,maybe more run n gun?and we were bad on defense so what will tye...