1. Darkwing Duck

    Jury Duty

    Got the notice today. Yay. Says my service is January-March. Wonder if there'll be many trials with COVID still in effect. I don't know the safety precautions they've taken for potential jurors. Also looked at the compensation and I think it's the exact same as when I did it 13 years ago...
  2. Darkwing Duck

    No more media tweets section?

    Best place for jazz beat writer news around. Is it coming back?
  3. Darkwing Duck

    Raise hands for Bertans!

    Gotta get this guy, right? Ed Davis and a second should do it. :D
  4. Darkwing Duck

    Stealing a reddit off season thread that was stolen from another reddit subforum

    www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/cilfxh/which_team_in_the_nba_is_the_closest_to/ Basically a bunch of various statements to see if your team has done it. Jazz are remarkably competitive outside of the championship part. Here's what I compiled. I didn't do the x amount of times for individual...
  5. Darkwing Duck

    Site is really slow

    On PC, using Firefox. Site is really slow. Takes 15-20 seconds for every page load. I have no other problems with any other site.
  6. Darkwing Duck

    Fantasy basketball

    Prodigy reactivated one of the Jazzfanz league, but a draft date and time hasn't been set and no answered my post there so I'm asking here about when the draft is supposed to be. Also, are those in the league planning on participating in it? Also, other relevant stuff posted if necessary.
  7. Darkwing Duck

    Twitter List update

    You should probably remove @kylegoon from the Jazz media list since he is now a Lakers beat writer, and who wants to see that?
  8. Darkwing Duck

    More reason to hate Vivint the company

    Look at the tweet now before they delete it. https://twitter.com/vivintarena/status/787051802403274754
  9. Darkwing Duck

    Bigger lost Jazz talent, Donyell Marshall or Shandon Anderson?

    I've been watching a few Jazz videos from the 90s and saw a lot of plays by Marshall and Anderson and it got me thinking to which one was the worse loss and how bad a decision it was for the two to leave Utah. Both were amazing in Sloan's offense, but it seems like they wanted more prominent...
  10. Darkwing Duck

    Interested in Patrick Beverley?

    Trey Burke for Beverley straight up. Numbers are similar, but Beverley helps the Jazz more with his skill set. More defense (despite the numbers) and better 3pt% at the cost of playmaking. Houston wants to cut salary if they're trading Howard to make a run at free agents this coming off...
  11. Darkwing Duck

    Burks or Shumpert?

    Both are now going to be on around a 4 yr 40 million dollar contract. Which player is the better value? I think we all know the answer to that. Will probably put up a comparison at some point. As "bad" as this deal felt went it was inked, seems a lot better now.
  12. Darkwing Duck

    Will the Jazz end even or positive in point differential?

    They're -77 with 24 games left. So they have to be a little better than +3 the rest of the season while being -1.3 currently (was in the high 2s not too long ago). A +3 would be slightly under Houston level of play over the course of the season so far. I'll say no, but they'll get under...
  13. Darkwing Duck

    3-1 pick and roll w/ Hayward and Burke

    Anyone else notice the Jazz doing this to try to get Hayward on the opposing team's PG? And it's Burke setting the screen. This a LeBron play, too. LeBron would be the ball handler and Mario Chalmers would set the screen. The few times I remember the play usually resulted in Hayward bullying...
  14. Darkwing Duck

    It's the most wonderful time of the year (first game of the year!). Hou @ Jazz Game 1 of many.

    These are the fellas that are coming into town. and As well as role players that don't matter. Vs our Coached by "Look at this hair. It is FABULOUS." We're undefeated. Unstoppable. Immune to all the ills in the basketball world. Go Jazz.
  15. Darkwing Duck

    Schedule released

    https://www.nba.com/jazz/schedule Have a couple odd 3 game roadies. OKC, Houston, then Bulls? And then Spurs, Cavs, Bucks on another. Aside from that, standard fare. I predict 0-6 on the pre Christmas trip.
  16. Darkwing Duck

    Pet amusements

    Like pet peeves, but instead of peeving you, they amuse you. Inspired by a guy today changing lanes into a lane that merged back into the same lane 100 feet after he merged.
  17. Darkwing Duck

    Jazz have a game in less than an hour (UTA @ OKC)

    Just thought I'd let you all know.
  18. Darkwing Duck

    Salary cap expectations

    Stein twittering a $58.5M cap. https://twitter.com/ESPNSteinLine/status/341375590215073793 Jazz have $19,501,000 in committed salaries next year. Marvin Williams is very, very likely to not exercise his early termination option, so that adds 7.5 M making the total, for simplicity sake, 27...
  19. Darkwing Duck

    Didn't know they still played this on the radio

    Heard it coming home from work last night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ Discuss.
  20. Darkwing Duck

    20s nostalgia