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  1. fallenchicken

    Is Mitchell God?

    It's time for this thread, knew it was coming, I am the founder of the Mitchell religion, immaculate conception, no more false idols, etc etc.
  2. fallenchicken

    Is Derrick Favors Dead?

    He has vanished into thin air. Think about it. He's not even on the sidelines in a suit. What is his injury? Back Spasms? What are those? something is fishy. I think he died in a skiing avalanche and the team is trying to keep it under wraps so they can trade him.
  3. fallenchicken

    The Witcher 3 comes out Tuesday

    u nerds ready?
  4. fallenchicken

    Blow it up

    Time to face the music fellas. This team had a good run. But it's over. We need to go younger.
  5. fallenchicken

    Chad Ford caught changing past draft boards to make himself look better

  6. fallenchicken

    The Screaming Kids

    Something needs to be done. Who put the daycare center behind Boler and Harpring? Watching the game feels like i'm in a elementary school bus going on a field trip. We need to make the Jazz Bear scary and mean to children so kids stop going to the games.
  7. fallenchicken

    There's a game on tonight.

    But is it on TV?
  8. fallenchicken

    Trey Burke is getting sued

  9. fallenchicken

    You guys, Lebron called, and he's taking me to Cleveland with him!

    Basically little Jazzmen I've finally made it in this world. Lebron is adding me to his entourage. I can only take five possessions with me, he says, no more, no less. "You must pick exactly five of your possessions," Lebron commanded cryptically, "choose wisely." and hung up. So i'm, I got my...
  10. fallenchicken

    IS Bledsoe a free agent this offseason?

    We should throw some money at him.
  11. fallenchicken

    In Which the Utah Jazz tango with the Cleveland Cavaliers Fri, Feb 28 5:30 MT

    GOD HATES YOU Cleveland AND LEBRON AIN'T EVER COMING BACK BUT PLEASE WIN This is my first gamethread and I think it's pretty excellent.
  12. fallenchicken

    Burks is the reason we're winning games

    Doesn't that make us happy? We're not winning games because of vets; BECAUSE OF BURKS. BURKS IS A BALLER. HE'S A GODDAMN SON OF A BITCH OUT THERE HAVE WE EVER HAD A PLAYER WHO COULD GET TO THE RIM LIKE HIM Why aren't we happy about that?
  13. fallenchicken

    This site has jumped the tuna fish by turning on Hayward

    Seriously. Those who predicted the fanbase wouldn't be able to deal with a few seasons of non-contention were right: our fanbase is ****ing nutty. Hayward was asked to be the #1 option (and everyone agreed beforehand that he's not) on a team that, without Burke, was starting 90 year old Jamal...
  14. fallenchicken

    Burks Unchained

    I've been on the bandwagon the whole time.
  15. fallenchicken

    The Brandon Rush Weight Watchers Thread

    He looks like late-era Carlton from Fresh Prince.
  16. fallenchicken

    We should all root for the Jazz these final games, because next season is The Year of the Tank

    We have nothing to lose for. We don't have much to win for, but it'd be cool to make the playoffs over the Lakers. This draft is supposedly awful. Next draft is supposedly great. We're (hopefully) going to let the vets walk, throw the keys to the young bigs, and probably lose. A lot...
  17. fallenchicken

    Can we get a video of the Favors 3 attempt?

    It needs to be immortalized.
  18. fallenchicken


    Greatest game of the season all seasons.
  19. fallenchicken

    Guess The Dirt Watson Has On Ty Corbin

    cause why else is he playing?
  20. fallenchicken

    Lockup Burks

    Get it instead of free burks it's lockup because really we don't want to bench him because he's playing great and why is earl watson playing at all these are questions I don't know the answer to but I don't think he'll ever get benched again like he was and also