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  1. MT Steve

    Mike Elliott (Head of Medical) Leaves Utah Over Mitchell Dispute

    I'm not sure honestly. I imagine Conley's hamstring would've still gone out, especially with the heavier load. I also don't think we would've won both games in Memphis.
  2. MT Steve

    Mike Elliott (Head of Medical) Leaves Utah Over Mitchell Dispute

    I mean, what was the alternative? Sitting Mitchell the whole playoffs so that it wouldn't diminish his off-season?
  3. MT Steve

    Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test required to attend games

    This is very misleading. The statistic floating around is that nearly 60% of Israeli hospitalized COVID-19 patients are fully vaccinated. The quick conclusion that a lot of people made is that the vaccines aren't effective at reducing spread. What this conclusion completely ignores is that...
  4. MT Steve

    Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test required to attend games

    I think the drunk driving analogy is pretty appropriate. The more unvaccinated people there are out in public, the more the virus spreads. The more the virus spreads, the greater the likelihood of the virus mutating into variants that our vaccines are less effective against.
  5. MT Steve

    Which New Guy Will Have the Biggest Impact?

    I think this thread would've been more fun if it was more of a "Outside of Rudy Gay, which player do you think will have the biggest impact next season" thing.
  6. MT Steve

    2021-2022 Schedule Released

    That site is kind of garbage. Go look through any given season and you'll see the Jazz and Nuggets almost always have two of the easiest schedules. They place an absurd amount of weight on altitude.
  7. MT Steve


    This thread is hilarious. I love you guys.
  8. MT Steve

    Forrest waves goodbye to Dallas bench

    Too far
  9. MT Steve

    Rudy showing off his SILVER medal on twitter

    Gonna have to defer to OP's expertise on this one. If anybody would know what a loser looks like, it'd be him.
  10. MT Steve

    Paschall traded to the Jazz

    Rudy Gay is the Niang replacement.
  11. MT Steve

    Paschall traded to the Jazz

  12. MT Steve

    Paschall traded to the Jazz

    lol, this trade is an absolute steal for the Jazz. Have the Jazz ever made a move that you haven't bitched about?
  13. MT Steve

    My free agent target - Hassan Whiteside

    I don't think "This would never ever happen" still applies.
  14. MT Steve

    Jazz sign Hassan Whiteside

    I should troll nate all season by constantly bringing up the Jazz +/- in Hassan's minutes in every gamethread.
  15. MT Steve

    Mike Conley officially re-signs with the Jazz-3 years $68 million (edit: maybe 72.5M)

    I like how the general consensus on other various NBA forums is that this is a bargain for the Jazz, and then I come here to see people are complaining about how the Jazz are overpaying for him.
  16. MT Steve

    Jazz Preparing Conley Offer in Range of 75/3

    I can't help but wonder if the people suggesting we "let him walk" understand that we are capped out even if he leaves.
  17. MT Steve

    Favors to OKC in works (Update: Traded)

    Gobert being off the court made the Jazz massively worse. The Non-Gobert minutes were better last year than the year before.
  18. MT Steve

    Team USA vs Gobert

    lol Gobert demolished Team USA