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  1. reignman40

    Official Let's Go BUCKS!!! NBA Finals thread

    Wishful thinking, but screw the Sun's let's go Bucks! Sent from my SM-A326U using JazzFanz mobile app
  2. reignman40

    Calling D-WADE

    Now that Wade is on board it's time to clean house of the coaching staff and any other losers in this organization. Sent from my SM-A326U using JazzFanz mobile app
  3. reignman40

    My TV Is In Good Working Order... I Got To Watch Melo...

    Do absolutely nothing in washed up fashion last night.
  4. reignman40

    7-10 ranked teams play in?

    I noticed this while looking at the standings, but have not heard anything about it. Is this just for the shortened season or a permanent thing? How does it work? 7 plays 10, 8 plays 9 and the winners get the 7-8 seed?
  5. reignman40

    NBA League Pass on Amazon Prime

    Anyone else tried LP on Amazon? Try out the free trail if you haven't. In my case I can't help but notice how blurry everything gets when there is fast motion on the screen. Notice the TV logos are ok but the players are very pixelated. This happens on both my TV and PC, NFL games look just fine...
  6. reignman40

    3 team trade? Crowder and D-Rose to Utah?

    Just saw this on Instagram... Jae Crowder returning to Utah with Derrick Rose? FALSE ALARM: Must be a clickbait Instagram page.
  7. reignman40

    Marcus Smart has altercation with fan in Denver.

    Wasn't this the same thing a fan told Westbrook last year and us jazz fans were all labeled racist? https://www.nba.com/article/2019/11/23/celtics-marcus-smart-fan-incident The NBA is investigating an incident between Boston guard Marcus Smart and a fan in Denver, after the Celtics guard said...
  8. reignman40

    Possible changes.. 78 game season & Mid-season tournament?

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nba/news/nba-considering-major-changes-to-schedule-including-reseeding-conference-finalists-per-report/amp/ This sounds absolutely stupid. I would lose massive interest in the NBA if this happens. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using JazzFanz mobile app
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    Jazz @ Warriors 11-11-19

    Hour and half til game time and no thread?!? Well here you go. ^^OVERRATED^^
  10. reignman40

    Westbrook post game interview thread.

    He just said he doesn't agree with what fans can say to guys on the floor, saying they wouldn't just say that on the street. I agree I guess, but stop being a baby. He goes on to say something should change, and I qoute. "ESPECIALLY HERE IN UTAH" Sent from my Moto Z (2) using JazzFanz mobile app
  11. reignman40

    First 4K NBA game.

    Apparently the game (Jazz@Nuggets) will be the first 4K game to be broadcast in the US. You need DirectTV and I'm guessing a 4K receiver? Will anybody be watching? I remember being blown away back in 2007 when I watched my first game in 1080P :rolleyes:
  12. reignman40

    Super teams of the 90's??

    After watching a couple 30 for 30 films on netflix. One of them being "This Magic Moment" Very good and worth watching. About the magic expansion, getting the lottery picks, going to the finals and Shaq leaving to LA with his sketchy agent. I also watched a Reggie Miller film. Pretty much about...
  13. reignman40

    Lebron being a little bitch again.

    Lebron being a little b**** again. Every time we play Lebron I hate him more and more. I guess he cried about Doc using an umbrella when they played a last month. In my opinion he is the b**** of the NBA...
  14. reignman40

    When will the next W be?

    Here are the remaining games for this year. Do we get a win by then or should we look further? I'm saying we win on Dec 27 vs the 76ers. That would give us a 17 game losing streak. Maybe if were lucky they win in Washington on the 14? @ Sacramento vs San Antonio <--- Duncan,Parker and...
  15. reignman40

    New ALLSTAR shirts....?

    Great are they going to start forcing these ugly things down our throats in an attempt to make them permanent? I hope they hit an all time low in sales and never use hem again. https://galleries.nba.com/gallery/Adidas_Unveils_2014_NBA_All-Star_Uniforms
  16. reignman40

    I can't wait!

    To watch us get the 14 pick and see KOC on TV again is a huge bonus!
  17. reignman40

    2nd Round Virgin

    Everyone talks about Tracy Mcgrady being a 2nd round virgin. In 09 even though he didn't play, the Rockets did make it to the 2nd round. I would like you to meet the PURE 2nd round virgin. https://www.foxsportsflorida.com/common/medialib/264/573116.jpg It's only fitting to show him in a...
  18. reignman40

    Scoreboard watching thread...

    Portland is currently up on LA 69-61 at the half. I say no way LA keeps up in this game. Kobe played all 24 mins in the first half and looked gassed at the end of the game last night. Also, LA hasn't won a back to back yet this season. In other news Dallas lost to Phoenix. They are pretty...
  19. reignman40

    Jazz Sign Jerel McNeal

    6'3 Guard to a 10-Day Contract ... ?
  20. reignman40

    ROOT sports HD?

    Just got a new Samsung 40'' 1080p tv that is 120hz. ROOT has always been 720p (at best) right? Also is it normal for it to have alot of pixelation? I mean the players almost look blurry at times when making fast movements. I can tell it's not to TNT or ESPN standards but come on, it's been like...