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  1. COJazz44

    Anyone else feel like there's something wrong with this picture?

    Looks like they're grinding together.
  2. COJazz44

    Burks Injured

    Out with a sprained ankle. :(
  3. COJazz44

    Corbin and the fanbase

    Do you think Ty knows the entire fanbase hates him? I've look at some of the post game statuses on Facebook after losses and most people want his head.
  4. COJazz44

    "In Favors and Kanter We Trust" article

    https://weareutahjazz.com/2013/03/06/in-favors-and-kanter-we-trust/ Let me break down the worst parts: Thoughts?
  5. COJazz44

    Will the real Ty Corbin fans please stand up?

    https://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/jazz/55713801-87/jazz-corbin-coach-season.html.csp That article made me laugh. Yeah...our starters rarely have an issue of effort, especially on the road.
  6. COJazz44

    The evolution of Ty Corbin

    Don't expect it to last more than one game. Or will it? :eek:
  7. COJazz44

    Out of the 4 youth core, which is the most likely to leave for more money?

    Which player do you think wouldn't want to sacrifice a few million dollars (like Harden in OKC) to stay with the Jazz? Westbrook and Ibaka took smaller contracts to remain on the Thunder. *fixed
  8. COJazz44

    Brandon Roy wants to come back...interested?

  9. COJazz44

    The Sports Xchange: Al Jefferson Jazz MVP

  10. COJazz44

    Mavs vs. Heat Finals Thread

    Just in case you didn't know. Who do you got and in how many games?
  11. COJazz44

    Weaver cut from the team

    "The Jazz has elected not to re-sign G Kyle Weaver, whose 10-day contract expired today." https://twitter.com/#!/Utah_Jazz