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    Down On the Farm

    GLeague started this week. Udoka underwhelming… I only started this thread because @homeytennis been stealing my job. Discuss… or don’t.
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    The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

    This is necessary. @infection hinted about it. The Lakers are a mess and likely deserve their own thread where we can openly mock them. There are also other things that happen. Putting this thread in general NBA means it will get as much response as whatever @homeytennis posts about some fringe...
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    Will the Jazz pick up Udoka’s option?

    Scanned realgm and saw mention again of the DL Snyder rift having to do with Udoka and other picks DL made. Made me think the kid is not getting his option picked up. Deadline is Sunday. Option is only 2.2M next year so barely over the minimum… if you don’t pick it up you may as well trade or...
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    Whiteside Is Going to Be Good

    Here is my bold prediction for the year... Locke has been really talking this up. I think Whiteside is going to end up being really good for us. So good in fact I think some morons will say we should play Whiteside over Rudy... I feel like its almost a certainty and may even be able to predict...
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    New Assistant - Irv Roland

    We got Irv!!! https://www.nba.com/jazz/news/jazz-add-irv-roland-coaching-staff I have no idea if this is good or bad or whatevs. Houston did a lot of switching in 2017-19 so maybe he can help with those schemes. In general I am pro "Irv" I have known only two Irvs and both are salt of the...
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    Go Get Darius Miller

    I don't know why I am hung up here... but I really think we should go out and sign this guy to a 2 year minimum deal... team option on second year and limited guarantees this year. He's a good 3 and okayish D wing... like a budget Justin Holiday. Not on a roster... he's a vet and dependable if...
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    Roster Balancing Guys

    Seems like many think there is some roster balancing needed. Just wanted to list a handful of guys that could be available if we wanted to balance things out. The biggest target I had in mind was Marcus Smart, but it seems they are headed for an extension. Here are guys that I'd have interest...
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    The Minimum FA Bargain Bin

    Look... I don't think we have a prayer at the taxpayer MLE guys we REALLY want. Lakers have like 2 starting spots open for guys... so I think we actually get more value finding minimum gems. Try and get them on a 1+1 deal with a team option on second year... get some upside in this deal... maybe...
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    The $20M Question... Will the Jazz Use the Taxpayer MLE?

    Alright so Favs is gone and it is assumed we use the taxpayer MLE.... But I'm pretty skeptical here. Using the taxpayer MLE costs us over $21M more this year between tax and salary over signing someone for the minimum. There are potential guys there that I could see being worth that... like Nic...
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    Favs Deal Must Be Moved

    Looked at the math on good ole capulator... Assuming we bring Conley back and use the taxpayer MLE on a wing... Favs contract will cost us about 70M in tax the next two years in addition to his $20M salary... so essentially 90M. I said before I wouldn't be in desperation mode on that deal but...
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    Washed Players... It’s Time To Buy Low and Pray

    Alright... so this season we saw several washed players magically change when their situations improved and they helped teams win at a high level this year. Guys like Tucker, Batum, Griffin. In previous years we’ve seen CP go from “the worst contract in the league” per the owner of the Houston...
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    DL and Quin Snyder Rift

    No idea if this guy is credible. I think there has been something brewing here for a while and have my reasons why. If I have to pick I'll keep Quin hands down.
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    Is Mike Conley Coming Back?

    Simple question... is he coming back? I get the feeling he isn't. Locke had a podcast on it this AM. I also think Mike was pretty non-committal... which is not uncommon but it just came in a way that seemed to say "my time here was great but I'll be moving on". I think the issue imo is that...
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    The Lakers are Going to End up as the #7 Seed

    Lebron is sitting out tonight. They are sliding and have a tough schedule. Calling my shot now... Lakers will win the first play in game and end up as the #7 seed. Looking at the schedule and I think they go 1-3 in their next 4 at best. Not sure we can claim the #1... If we lose to Denver...
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    Is Georges Niang Good at Defense Now?

    Look I wanted to slow play this a bit... but I think I'm going full stupid on this now. I think Niang might be our third best perimeter defender behind Royce and Mike. He has been really good. I only hope the rest of the league is sleeping on his *** cuz we need to keep him at a discount. The...
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    Who Steps Up

    Alright the good thing about being short handed is maybe we get a better look at some of the end of roster guys. Forrest obviously gonna play more but he's been basically invisible when playing out there... my question is who will step up to the plate and deliver for us? Oni, Matty Bricks, and...
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    Can Donovan be a Good Defender

    Don came into the league billed as a good defender... at times he has mentioned he wants to be a good defender... well can he be one? Some context... not every player with athleticism can be a good defender. Demar Derozan is a good example of this. It requires IQ, focus, desire, and the...
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    First Trade Idea of the Year

    Alright... so improving the team now and in the future is hard because we are good and don't have much to offer. There is going to be a fire sale in Houston... they have guys I think could help us that I have mentioned before like Sterling Brown. So this thought occurred to me. We can offer a...
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    Defensive Challenge in the Playoffs

    So Bojan got beat up pretty good on this trip at times down the stretch. Teams really hunted him. I'm not saying we should trade him but it seems like we need to add a defensive presence in place of either Bojan or Niang. So here's the question I have. Say we did move Bogey for a better...
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    A Little Adversity is Good

    Just wanted a quick silver lining thread here. Not playing our best right now but a little adversity is good. Getting in some close games is good for us and even losing some is fine too. I think we likely end up with the #1 seed out west but there is no guarantee that the Lakers end up #2 or #3...