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    BREAKING: ***NBA team changes name***

    The error was in trying to make stupid nicknames out of some pasty jag-offs insignificant name I already forgot. Boston = Butler Celtics = Bulldogs Until forever. Carry on.
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    Utah Jazz at Boston Celtics

    I am on an airplane and many of us are taller than the Celtics leading scorer. Go Jazz!
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    Pledge to not Hurt Anyone

    Can we all pledge not to senselessly kill or injure each other? At least I could feel safe within a group of Jazzfanners. I'm ****ing sick of this ****. Every goddamn day. If you are comfortable in doing so, please pledge. I'm ****ing serious. Don't patronize me. Is anybody as sick of this...
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    Utah Jazz @ Sacramento Corbin-Canners - 6 pm *PST*

    If I reach out I can almost touch UGLI baby "UK lost?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?" ^^^ Tainted Goods This one's for America LazyD's 3 Keys to the Game: The Jazz will win. Fish will get drunk. Enes Kanter sucks.
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    Better Season So Far

    Durant or Westbrook? I know that this will be a lopsided poll (mostly due to an irrational bias), but if you've watched as much of the Thunder as I have this season it is a legitimate question.
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    Utah Jazz @ Dallas Mavericks Wed 2/11/15 6:30 PM MST

    TONIGHT - 5:30 PST BOOBS(and big ol' thighs - dem thick cut fries) Ellis is questionable. As is the sex of Dirk Nowitzki. So it goes.
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    MLB Postseason 2014

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    WTF (F is for freak)

    Hotttnickkk claims to have rep'd me and I haven't received it. Who intercepted this rep? Does it go in some general modz rep fund? Is it a due owed to the site? What is my real rep power? I'm not asking these questions because I'm selfish, but rather, as a service to this wonderful...
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    Let's Bring Melo to Utah

    We all know it's Dennis Lindsey's master plan. Let's make it happen. He's hungry. Happy Easter berkkkobe
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    4th? Official Gen NBA gamethread - Heat @ Pacers 3/26/14 6pm MST

    Y'all gonna watch some high level basketball before the Jazz take the stage? This guy is underrated, and no longer a punk The title belongs to this guy, ahem, the last two titles ^ **** YOU!!!!!!!!!
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    Fatlanta ***** vs. Utah Jazz - 6 pm PACIFIC Time

    All that needs to be said.
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    ***Official College Basketball Thread***

    I'm a huge fan of the college b-ball and figured there might be some others lurking around here. While the famous (or infamous) draftee thread kinda covers college ball, it's not really about the overall games and teams. This the place to discuss those groovy matchups and hectic conference...
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    Moving to westcoast

    San Francisco to be exact. Starting grad school next month. I'd appreciate any comments on the feasibility of housing and employment. I am an adept musician, and possess the great ability to work boring low-skill jobs without wanting to end my life. To live, I don't need much. A mattress...
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    Are People Finally Starting to Realize Jefferson is the Worst Overall Player on the Jazz

    He might possibly be the worst defender I've ever seen. The Jazz are never better off with him in the game.
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    Formula to Beat Spurs

    This is how the Jazz can beat the Spurs. Al Jefferson cannot play. His defense basically gives the opposing team a bucket every time down the floor. Use Favors, Hayward, Burks, and Tinsley to fastbreak the living poop out of them. Spurs have very few, if any, explosive athletes on their team...