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  1. JazzyFresh

    Biden's Border Crisis, His Concentration Camp, and Blatant Hypocrisy Towards Cuba

    "It is a moral failing and a national shame…when children are locked away in overcrowded detention centers," -Bidens own website Let's just start off with the kids in concentration camps being abused by the Biden Administration. Kids are literally starving because he is serving them raw meat...
  2. JazzyFresh

    LogGrad98 says I'm a KKK Grandmaster

    Here's his exact quote... His second quote Ok since you all can start a thread about me @One Brow I need you to fact check your boy @LogGrad98 . Here fact check me too "I have never knowingly met or even talked to a kkk member" I'll wait. Thanks @One Brow
  3. JazzyFresh

    Title Change: Bidens Incompetence Thread

    I'm just reading about the conditions of kids being held at the border and it truly is horrifying, especially with a world wide virus going on. It really makes sense now why Kamala won't go and absolutely embarrassed the country on a question my dog knew they were going to ask. We know she won't...
  4. JazzyFresh

    So What Are The Options For Conley?

    That 30+ million would be great elsewhere but there really doesn't seem like anyway we get anything of value. What are the chances of a team looking for a salary dump and possibly our 1st pick? Or what other options do we have? I'm not as down on him as most but again that 30 mill could nab us...
  5. JazzyFresh

    The Official Let's Impeach Trump Again

    It's a forgone conclusion. There's no doubt in my mind that another premeditated impeachment is coming. Just like the last premeditated thread where posters claimed no obvious bias even though they were looking for any excuse months in advance. So what's on the impeachment menu tomorrow? Trump...
  6. JazzyFresh

    Conley for Grayson Allen?

    Or how about we take a deep breath, myself a included? I as much as anybody am extremely frustrated but this team gelling is not going to happen overnight. It will most likely take months. We've seen small spurts and even though we are playing pretty terrible at times we are still within...
  7. JazzyFresh

    Eaton on Gobert(rehash)

    “I think the next step for him is to develop one or two low post moves that when you get into tight games, you gotta have those go-to guys and plays that are going to get you what you need,” Eaton said I hate to rehash this but it's common sense and basic fundamental basketball. I mean, I don't...
  8. JazzyFresh

    Is This Team Good?

    I'm conflicted.
  9. JazzyFresh

    Did We Just Jump OKC?

    With Durant gone, do we move up in playoff position? I know we haven't done anything yet, but on paper, are we the better team?
  10. JazzyFresh

    Has Any Jazz Player Hit Their Prime/Pinnacle Yet?

    Just wondering what your thoughts are. It's really hard to say at this juncture I know, but I feel like there are a of couple guys that could be nearing it. Favors would be at the top of my list. While he did improve last season, I just don't know if his ceiling is that much higher than it is...