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    Quote Originally Posted by Mission Accomplished View Post
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    He doesn't seem like anything special yet give him time it is like a group of reta ded Favors groupies are all on his junk. Does his 4 pt a game wow you ?
    He's already fairly special on the defensive end and on the boards. At the very worse he can be a Tyson Chandler like player. Still, it's way too early to write him off as an offensive liability in his less than 150 games played so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vermin View Post
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    Seriously shut the **** up.
    You and people like you can fool themselves and believe in a dream, but if you watch the games carefully you can see how many stupid mistakes Favors do in a game. He is very inconsistent, so many up and downs, its been 2 years and he didnt make any progress. It is different to have a potential and to reach your potential. Defensively he has tools to be great, but offensively i barely see him making the right choice, he is so reckless and cant use half of his talents. You guys may live in your dream world but i believe that Favors have so many flaws on his game to improve so that he can become and allstar in near future.

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