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Thread: Gut the team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellipse View Post
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    I don't know where this concept orginated -- playing players to keep up their trade value -- but I'm sure it didn't come from the Jazz FO. The Jazz are not in the business of trading players to make money, they are in the business of selling their product to the fans. Now the problems I have with Corbin's coaching is his short-term, win-now philosophy doesn't bode well for my (AKA a fan) goals for long-term hopes for the team. I also don't think that giving Burks 10 mpg and bumping Kanter's minutes up would give the Jazz any more losses; that's the problem I have with the coach.

    But I will never accuse Corbin of playing this sorry bunch of vets just to keep their trade value up.
    And I never said that either. Benching a productive veteran lessens what other teams are willing to give up in order to get said player. That is just the reality, and people that tend to place value on reality tend to do better in reality.
    "Adversity is opportunity in disguise."

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    Quote Originally Posted by franklin View Post
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    Jazz fans are used to always having a chance with S&M and hope with Williams. It's time for a new strategy to obtain a new anchor. Free agency is not it for Utah.

    Enough with your mental block already.
    With S&M there's always a chance.

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