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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarkanian View Post
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    TyCo is psycho!
    I loved the word "DreamSloan"

    It is like Orwellian language, e.g. "newspeak" or "doublethink"
    lol, Psycho TyCo. Nice. Think I'm gonna start using that instead of TyCo the Tyrant.

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    How about trying to dream trade all three for Gasol and the cheerleader guy, then Gasol to whatever sucker will give us a point guard or top draft picks. Maybe Houston will give us all 19 of their rookies for him, including Royce White so we can rag on his Kirk Snyder acting ass for a couple months.

    I don't even know who any of these Houston players other than White are and don't really care either. It works get it done Lindsey!

    Oops, I included Raja instead of Foye. They can have him too.

    Put some respeck in my paycheck

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