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    Thoughts on the CEO of Utah receiving a pay raise?

    With the fiscal cliff looming, new reports on how bad graduation rates are here (we still rank dead last in per-pupil funding), our CEO and other officials might be getting a 37 percent pay increase!

    How about that?

    SALT LAKE CITY Gov. Gary Herbert and other statewide elected officials would get hefty raises if the Utah Legislature heeds the findings in a new state report.

    The Utah Elected Official and Judicial Compensation Commission recommended the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state treasurer and state auditor receive 36.5 percent salary increases.
    Anybody else here receiving a 37 percent pay increase?
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    The raise would push Herbert's annual pay to $150,000, while the four other officeholders would be bumped to $142,500 a year.
    That sounds more than reasonable pay for a governor. He should make more.

    "Our concern was that the salaries ought to be at a level where you didn't have to be independently wealthy to seek the jobs," said Roger Tew, commission chairman.
    That's quite the spin.

    Other than occasional cost-of-living adjustments, statewide elected officials have not received a raise for a decade. Tew said the panel arrived at the suggested increases unanimously.
    State workers haven't received cost-of-living adjustments for five years.

    Put some respeck in my paycheck

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