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    I think Kanter should risk taking more 3 point shots. When he sets picks, that way he has the option of also stepping out for the jumper, that would give him a larger arsenal

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyshelby View Post
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    The ability to pass has everything to do with the quality of the offense. I watched the Spurs last night, and they're #1 in assists. You'd think that was because they must have assembled a bunch of quality passers. Not true. Parker leads the team at 7.6. Manu is at 4.5. But the shocking number is they've got 10 guys between 1 and 2 (a little misleading since all 10 don't play every night, but we have 3 for sake of comparison.)

    In other words, they've got a ton of guys getting cheap assists every night -- pass to a guy, he scores, get an assist.

    You could chalk this up to all the PnR they run, but that's not it. The beauty of the Spurs offense is everybody knows where everybody is going to be. They remove thinking and creativity from the equation better than anyone.

    When we consistently have cutters or perimeter players sliding to designated spots on the arc, everybody will suddenly become a better passer.
    I think there's a lot of sense to this idea. If we run Favors on P&R's, he has to make the pass if someone comes into the lane. The coaches should be drilling this. Furthermore, in Pops system, the passing is almost mindless since everyone knows where they're supposed to be.

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