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    Quote Originally Posted by vj_74 View Post
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    He can play Burks 30+ mins, while pissing off a few veterans and losing 3-5 more games and risk not making the playoffs, provided Greg Miller has his back. If that is'nt the case, why should he play these guys even more, unless they are really outplaying the vets by a sizeable margin to earn more minutes?
    This is a false dichotomy. We're not talking about 30+ minutes. We're not talking about 20 minutes. We're not even talking about 15 minutes. In >50% of the games we've played Burks hasn't even touched the floor. In the games he has, it's <10 minutes. Picking up some minutes here and there (sorry, averaging <10 minutes in <50% of games doesn't count) won't change the outcome of any games, let alone our season. If playing Foye any less than he is now really swings our team so significantly out of balance that we risk the playoffs then I'd lean less toward others having an inflated view of Burks and more toward some having an inflated view of Foye. Besides, the entire argument was that we'd grasp so hard at that 7-8 seed that we'd justify 9.6 mpg in 14 games as 'appropriate development,' of which your comments clearly demonstrate that opinion.

    And for the record, our problems between management and Corbin aren't mutually exclusive, they're multi-factorial. It's a top-to-bottom problem.

    Corbin cant take that chance, he is'nt Sloan. And even Sloan was'nt backed enough by the management before his resignation.
    As I said, this isn't Larry Miller's Utah Jazz. I don't see that while fiasco unraveling on Larry's watch. But that's neither here nor there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsy View Post
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    Lol neg repped.

    I have no problem being patient with Kevin O'Conner. It's not his fault that Corbin keeps playing a cold chucker in Jefferson instead of better players off the bench.
    I disagree with your premise. Are you sure it isn't partly his fault?
    "And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul" -Acts 19:11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revolution 9 View Post
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    Corbin is the guy playing Sap, and Big Al together which is the worst of his mistakes.
    Not finding room for Burks,after saying he deserved to play. That is him basically going on record saying he can't do his job.

    Not using enough defensive subs at critical times.

    I'm not saying that Corbin hasn't made some good moves, because he has. Overall though I think he's made too many mistakes.
    We can only hope that last night letting Burks play, and a few games ago where he stayed with Favors (and benched Sap) is the future.
    Burks isnt exactly what Kobe Bryant was in his sophomore year. And even Kobe made a lot of mistakes in his sophomore year. Burks can be a mixed bag. I think the tendency is to go with the vets a bit more to help win games. Foye has hit a timely 3-pt shot here or there in close games and has been the best 3-point shooter for us, which was touted to be Jazz's biggest need this offseason. Plus Hayward is playing well and he deserves increased mins for his development too.
    You can only develop so many young players at the same time. Corbin has a tough job at hand.

    Even Sloan, whom I like a lot and have defended a lot on this board, had never been in this position where he had to develop not one not two but FOUR top 10 lotto picks at the same time, while also trying to win games. Something to be remembered.

    The fact that Corbin alteast acknowledges that it has been difficult for him to get mins for Burks shows that the coaching staff have probably thrashed that topic out more than you guys here on this board and that they have their own valid basketball reasons for playing him as much as they are doing now.
    Unless Corbin specifically lists those reasons to the press, you cannot pass judgement on his decisions to not play Burks a whole lot.

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