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    Quote Originally Posted by bigb View Post
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    Probably the other way around. Staying away until Trout comes back so she can rile him up into more infractions.
    could be.

    But there's a new book out, by Babble B. Porcus no less, entitled "None Dare Call it Duplicity".

    Just when I thought the world had already invented every possible conspiracy theory, and we could finally close down the Ministry of Truth for good. . . . here's another one.

    Trout and Pearl are a very dysfunctional family.

    I'll check the divorce court schedule to see if there's any evidence of a real breakup.

    But maybe I just miss Charlotte, and/or Farmer Hogget. It's been a long time, and I miss them both.

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    I miss old Colton... The one with soul. The new Colton is soo derivative and linear.

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