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    Quote Originally Posted by Lion's Roar View Post
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    #1 It shows where teams are making runs. Jazz are making comebacks with their subs and being beat with the starters.

    #2 In a team like Utah where 1st unit and 2nd unit are almost mutually exlcusive you can't use +/- to compare players cause starters and subs face such different opposition.

    #3 If the numbers hold for the season you could say that the Jazz 1st unit is bellow league average while the bench unit is above league average.

    #4 In a game-by-game setting it's pretty much pointless. It only becomes an issue when trends emerge. Basically in a game setting it helps you establish a sense of a recap trough the boxscore and little else.
    Our Bench plays long periods of time. Other teams they mix it up much more. Our bench does play starters also.

    To me I see it as Jefferson being the main problem Along with Foye. But the current combination of starters is not working is what these stats show me. The rest can be debated both ways. But no way anyone can argue that the current combination of starters is working well.
    "The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team." - John Wooden

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    +/- is completely reliable. Plus or minus infinity reliabilities.

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