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Thread: Pick a trading partner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NAOS View Post
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    Hello Marvin!

    .... naw, can you imagine Jeffy playing Karl-ball? Lofl.
    That's one of the fun parts of an Al trade: you can totally sabotage some of the teams in the league with him.

    My favorite pipedream is Al for Chris Bosh. Miami Heat, meet not the NBA Finals every year.
    "Adversity is opportunity in disguise."

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    sorry for tuning out for a couple of days. my "under the radar" thing about vazquez is just that he's with calderon in that category of guys who are well-thought of, but your mind doesn't immediately go there when you start thinking about top PGs. honestly, i think vazquez is more "off the radar" than goran dragic, and also a better all-around player.

    25-7-9 the other night in a win @ dallas, so he's obviously not "under the radar" in absolute terms... i just meant that the asking price isn't going to be the same as the real cream of the PG crop.
    check out the blog for more on the jazz.

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