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    Quote Originally Posted by Urzajazz View Post
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    Malone is probably has the most storied career of any player not to win a championship.

    You don't get to be 2nd all time in points without having talent. Malone was talented. The Jazz teams just peaked at the wrong times (I believe they should have won a championship somewhere between 88 and 95.) If the Jazz had one more younger star in 98 - 00 they probably would have won one of those.

    Not to mention that Malone/Stockton rode out not only playing in a small market for many years, but consistently making the playoffs and making the conference championships.

    I do think Malone/Stockton just were not good enough in the post season to carry the team over the top. They were a few bounces away from another shot at a title a few times. Malone hits a few free throws in Chicago, that could have turned a series. It was incredible how close those two teams were. That 98 series was probably the best NBA Finals ever. Certainly ranks up there with any Celtics-Lakers series.

    Malone didn't play as well in the post season. Neither did Stockton. Both of whom should have dominated their respective positions. Stockton just wasn't athletic enough for Payton and Malone missed shots down the stretches of key games in the playoffs. Both are facts.

    That being said, Malone doesn't go down with an injury and the Lakers win the title that year.
    alos dick bevetta had some say in malone not winning a championship
    I, HeavenHarris, hereby pledge to my fellow JFC'rs that I will no longer give out neg-reps. All it does is cause negative things, like fights, drama, bitching, ill will, bad feelings, etc.
    Love, not hate, is the answer bros and moes.

    LOL Lol breaks his pledge 5 days later hahahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by CitizenofCapua View Post
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    I searched his name on google and unsurprisingly found this;

    Sorry pal I'm all out of juice. But you're on the list

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    ...not only was Malone not overrated....he was probably UNDERRATED! He was without question, the SMARTEST power forward in NBA history! Only low post player that I've ever seen that realized the folly of dribbling when he got the ball down low! He would go straight up, make the layup and generally get fouled as well! That's why he's got a couple of all time free throw records in his resume! He's has rebound records, he's the second leading scorer in NBA history! He's got a winning percentage that's probably in the top 5 all time for regular season games. Stockton is also UNDERRATED, and has records that will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, be broken! Total assists and total steals! He's so far ahead of the second place clown that catchin up to him hasn't even crossed their minds!!! Don't know where Ryan is coming from, must be trying to protect his Celtic boys from the same era?

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