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    Quote Originally Posted by DutchJazzer View Post
    we gotta give credit to corbin.
    he is turning burks from a scrub into a all star in only one and a half season
    lol got negrepped by rev9 for this post.

    in case you did not know i was being sarcastic.
    thanks for the neg rep though apreciate it .

    how could you take it seriously me calling burks a scrub?
    I, HeavenHarris, hereby pledge to my fellow JFC'rs that I will no longer give out neg-reps. All it does is cause negative things, like fights, drama, bitching, ill will, bad feelings, etc.
    Love, not hate, is the answer bros and moes.

    LOL Lol breaks his pledge 5 days later hahahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beantown View Post
    I think Corbin is doing a great job, with the injuries we have had I am pleased. He gets too much crap on here.
    +1 Repped

    Finally, Ty is getting more recognition from this board!
    i may quote myself from other treads... sue me!

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