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    Quote Originally Posted by Beantown View Post
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    Manchester by the Sea. Great film.
    yup, so far the best movie I have seen this year.
    "I was originally a Jazz fan but since I am getting pooped on so hard on the Jazz forums it is really starting to make me wish Kanter develops into the Kevin McHale potential he has and make the Jazz look bad. Nothing would make me happier at this point." Unidentified Kanter homer on reddit.

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    Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

    Solid B+. Not as good as the previous edition, but not a bad follow-up to it. Left a lot of open threads that can be tied up in a third installment nicely, and/or addressed in Avengers Infinity War.
    Quote Originally Posted by ShaggyReAL View Post
    The guy is in Reno. RENO! Give him a break.
    Well, Leipzig now. But we sure do miss Reno.

    The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell.

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