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Forgive me in advance for not wanting to scroll through page after page to find our original thread about the show. If a mod can find it, and merge it, I'd be appreciate it. If not, no biggie.

I liked the show last year a lot. The sets and costume design felt authentic, The acting was top notch, the storylines were being set up. But I love this year. The tension runs deeper. And I'm rewatching one of the more recent episodes. The scene in which Richard Harrow, the Man with the Mask, tells Angela about his love for his sister and how it's gone, was heartbreaking. And like all of his scenes, mesmerizing. I love this character and can't keep my eyes off him when he's on the screen. Am I alone here? He better remain on the show for a while as I find him un****ingbelievably great. I also love a few of the other characters whose names escape me (the guy with the funny laugh, the Jewish guy, the dude who was banging Jimmy's mom) and the integration of William Forsythe this week intrigues me. Just all around unique characters.
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