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    OK, thanks. I try hard to be understood. But what does that have to do with creole?
    I was searching for the right words to express my thinking. A creole language develops out of more than one language usually preceded by a pigeon language. I think something very similar is happening in English semantically. Communities have become less insular, information and opinion more broadly shared. People who have different ways of thinking are more likely to communicate with one another.

    This is why I brought up the boat question. Boat is a word that represents a concept. For me having first witnessed the concept likely on a beach in Cali, boat is rooted in the concept of a sail boat. For my wife it was probably on a lake or pond in Maine, thus canoe. My daughter a reservoir in utah, thus a motorboat. We can use more careful language but if one was to say simply "boat" to all three we would all think of a concept that was related but that was also very different and that conveys different emotions and imagery. If we think of another word that we all use like "truth" it is probably similar. If we could descride that for a number of people as we did boat I suspect that your version would be more intelligible/acceptable and less contradictory to more people's version than mine would.

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