1280 The Zone - The EP Podcast – June 30, 2020 – Episode 55: Top Ten Tuesday Vol. 10


Austin Horton

Austin Horton hosts ‘The EP Podcast’ on The Zone Sports Network, visiting a couple topics each day that the shows and hosts at The Zone have been talking about or discussing on and off air.

-This Day in Sports History

1- Nets players opting out of NBA…or testing positive? (2:42)

2- MiLB season cancelled (3:59)

3- Ian Desmond’s impactful reasons for opting out of MLB’s 2020 plans (6:26)

4- Jay Cutler’s having chicken problems (19:27)

5- 10 box office flops doing well on Amazon Prime (20:46)

6- running list of MLB players opting out of play (24:52)

7- Nuggest shutter facility, Silver admits interruption may happen (26:45)

8- Matt Harpring’s thoughts on Jazz chances in Orlando (27:45)

9- Cardinals cut rookie WR (30:27)

10- Cam Newton puts out own tribute video for time in Carolina (31:34)

-Laugh of the Day (33:33)

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