A Giant versus a Fly


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If a giant and a fly could play basketball against he each other, what characteristics would each one need to beat each other

The Fly:
1. The fly would need to be outrageously skilled. It would need to anticipate what is happening. It would need fantastic instincts. And it would need strength to counteract the Giant.

The Giant:
2. It would need to understand how to leverage its size and bulk to defend and to score and rebound. It would not need to be as skilled as the fly, but can't be horribly flawed in its skills. It can be near average to be a fantastic basketball player.

And that is what is wrong with the Jazz. We have 4 flies on the court with one Giant. If the "flies" aren't skilled, if they can't shoot, or suck in someone other way, it doesn't work. If they are hot then it works really well. We need more size at the 4 or 3 position or we have to be near perfect with talent. This isn't sustainable.