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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself


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Folks, I assume most of you here are of the age where things can go wrong with your health. Well, the wrong can be prevented if you have yourself checked. Do it now!

Man, was I looking forward to the Knick season this year. We got Kemba, Fournier, our young guys are getting better, we have the 2020/21 Coach Of The Year...I couldn't wait to see my Knicks (who I admit have been pretty lousy) finally have a great year. Breaking the Warriors 73 win record was a possibility for my Knicks this season. Super-excited for the season...and then I get some bad news from the Doc (not Doc Rivers, but a real doctor.) Many thoughts went through my head and one of them was, "DAMN! The Knicks are finally going to have a decent year and I may not be around to see any of it!"

Not going to go into health details, but I just want to say thank Christ the problem was caught at a stage where things could be done. I know you don't want to hear it (you've probably heard it many, many times) but, folks, go get yourself checked. A simple check up or various tests can help save your life. Don't you want to see Rudy Gobert win Defensive Player Of The Year award and then two weeks later see him get toasted play after play in the playoffs? Well, then get CHECKED!

If you are in your twenties, forget this thread. You feel you will live forever. If you are over 40 this thread is for you. Check yourself before you wreck yourself! Do it now! Don't you want to see Donovan Mitchell's first game as a New York Knick next year?


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If Donovan isn't going to the Knick's this year then I'd rather die.