Clipps-Nuggz Gm 7 Discussion


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since there isn't a whole lot to talk about jazz wise figured this deserves it's own thread. Can the nuggets pull of 3-1 comebacks in b2b series. Can the clippers finally get over the hump(0-7 all time in 2nd round). Playoff P says they are still in the drivers seat.


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If we had to lose to someone, I'm okay with it being Denver. I really like how they've built their team, and It would just be absolutely hilarious to watch them take out the Clip show after they gave up all the stuff they did for Playoff PP.


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I don't love Denver, but its impossible not to respect their mental fortitude at this point. I wish our team had that kind of edge.

The "strike" and the return of Gary Harris were absolutely massive for them. They were able to add that bulldog defender who can hit the occasional 3. He was exactly what we needed...


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Denver just have to stay within 10-15pts , Clipps know they will be coming at some stage , it’s a mental game now ... Huge edge to Denver

Hope Malone plays MPJ more and less Millsap .

And someone takes out Beverley , and he never plays again ... Everyone wins then


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Have to give Denver credit for punching back 3-1 in consecutive series.

Man, if only we would have pulled it out.


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No team has done more with their opponent mailing it in than the Denver Nuggets. Truly do not feel like the Nuggets should have won either series.