Coronavirus in China

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How many ventilators could $500 billion purchased being reserved for corporate bailouts? This game could be played all day.

It's not an issue with money for ventilators, never has been. It's always been about supply and the push to manufacture them.

Also, still awaiting an answer to the question I posed on Page 70:

Your message - "It looks like Trump's doing pretty well. Especially for how unprecedented this pandemic is. I have no doubt that Biden or Sanders would have been a complete disaster during this crisis."

My reply - "How would they have been a disaster? Expand on this thought a bit please."
Go easy on him. He can't articulate his own thoughts. Right now he is like:



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Spain now is new hot area:( most death's and most new cases yesterday. Hope our spanish friends are staying safe?

latin jazz

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Can we ban Political Jazz Fan?
I have mixed feelings about this but I would have to say no.

On one hand, I appreciate having different political views on a public forum. If not here, where?. Otherwise we would end up arguing like-minded people all the time.

On the other hand, he is an idiot. He adds nothing to the conversation, just spamming far right nonsense. He never replies when confronted. He makes his ultra conservatives peers look bad.

I say let him make a fool of himself until he posts something offensive.


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Gov. Cuomo in talking about ventilators today, mentioned that, ordinarily, people who need ventilators need them for 3-4 days. Covid-19 patients need them for 11-21 days, and he knew some who had been on ventilators for 30 days.


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I've been encouraged that at least here in Utah, social distancing is being practiced by most individuals. Grabbed a drink at the gas station (that's a chore now), but everyone in line was a good 5-6 feet from each other stretching back about six deep.

Bought a game at Gamestop and even though you have to place an order online, call the store when you get there and they peek out the door and hand you your merchandise quickly likely you're buying black tar heroin, it does limit exposure.

Can't say the same for all states though - I fear the south is going to only get worse since many individuals couldn't be bothered to act differently. Louisiana is going to end up worse than NY on a per capita basis.


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Last month: "We must do everything possible to protect the sanctity of life. Human life is sacred, holy, and precious, Human life starts at conception. Stopping a fertilized egg from multiplying is the same as murder"

Today: "You know, it's totally okay to sacrifice a few tens of thousands of old or sick people, if it means a stronger economy for the survivors. There is a very real trade-off between life and prosperity"

Who among us is going to transform from Mother Theresa to Hitler?

Anyone who says "heck, let them die" will have a hard time boomeranging back to the "you can't place a dollar value on human life" crowd.