Grayson Allen Apology Thread

Jack Strop

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A poor man's Kyle? He got off a couple of those shots pretty fast.
Don't think he's ever a starter, but I'll be very happy to eat crow if he becomes a decent rotation player.


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I've argued with a few guys here for calling him a bust so soon but at the same time he's nowhere even close to have made it. He's still amazingly raw but he has intangibles.


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I think Grayson is still fragile - I think it's pretty easy to shake him up or for him to question himself after a couple of misses. We'll see how he adjusts.

I've also noticed he puts his foot under people when they take jump shots - I don't know if it's on purpose, but I saw him do it at least 4 or 5 times in the last 2 games. I think that's how Fox got hurt. That'll travel fast around the league.


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Good for him but it feels like all rookies always start playing well at the end of the season.


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IMO very few fans have a good understanding of development in the NBA. Rookies that get drafted to good teams often have 2 good players ahead of them in the rotation which makes it really hard to break the first year or even the first 2 or 3. Players need consistent minutes and opportunity to play through mistakes in order to develop.

No doubt in my mind, if Haywood was still on the team last year, we'd have a completely different Donovan Mitchell and there would be a small group of motards who would consider him a bust.

Nobody knows for sure what kind of player Grayson Allen will be at this point, but nobody should be judging him from the spot minutes he's played so far, and certainly not based on one game.

Same goes for Tony Bradley. He's playing behind Gobert/Favors/Udoh who are all good and deserve minutes. Just because he hasn't broken through that rotation doesn't prove anything at this point. It's probably going to take some injuries and Udoh moving on before we get to see Bradley make or break.


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I'm still in wait and see mode with Grayson. It's always best to not get too high or too low with your opinions on rookies. Pre-draft I thought that he was a decent prospect with a good chance to make it in the league. And I thought that he was a solid pick where the Jazz took him. Going into the season I didn't expect him to play much this season because our rotations were basically set already. That's pretty much what happened. He didn't play much early in the year and when he did he didn't play very well which isn't uncommon for the majority of rookies. The last couple of games have been very promising. I hope that they are a glimpse into the future. But I'm basically still where I was when the Jazz took him. He's a decent prospect with a good chance to make it in the league. We'll see what the future brings.