Jazz are emerging as serious threats to sign Bojan Bogdanovic

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Bojan Bogdanovic averaged 18 PPG, 4.1 RPG, 2 APG and shot 42.5% from 3 on 4.8 attempts per game. He started 81 games for the Pacers last year and also had a TS% of 61.3%.

It has been widely reported that Bogdanovic was the Pacers to lose but the Jazz are in a good spot to sign him. Would give us another great scoring option and another great shooter.


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Adding a 18 PPG player who can shoot the 3 extremely well is not a horrible move at all.
I do it 10/10 times, Favors is redundant with 2x DPOTY Gobert here and Bojan gives the Jazz a bunch of things they really need

Sorry. Bojan is not good.

Since when did this guy get good? What has he ever done for any team? He is 30 years old and has struggled mightily over the years.