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Game Thread Jul 08, 2022 08:00pm: Clippers Vs Jazz (Summer League)

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That is definitely what you want to hear. There is nothing better than a really talented player with a chip on his shoulder. It's just summer league though so I'm trying to hold back my excitement a little but it is hard because he was the player I really wanted. We have seen a ton of summer league stars though that don't pan out. I still remember Anthony Randolph looking like a superstar in the summer league and then somehow washing out of the league. I'm still not sure how that happened.
This is valid concern, but I don't think we'll need to worry about a flameout with KG. His improvement has been phenomenal and says to me he's amazingly coachable or he just knows how to compensate for what the D does and how to attack on the fly.
Just read an article on wolves coach saying how they want the 2 bigs to work and how important conley is to helping Rudy , which I mean is kinda true , but we have a few years worth of movies if he thinks something else can change .


Wolves fans must be hurting , and there’s still years to come of picks
Even with the bad trade I think wolves fans are pretty happy. The wolves are going to be really good this year and were sstill able to get Leonard Miller in the draft.
Here is my take: What can you say about Keyonte? The second coming of Spida? Ochai and Potter were both solid. Juzang looked great at times and gawd awful at times. Colbey Ross ought to be in the running for a two way spot. I thought Hauser looked lost. The rest of the bench that played did some nice things. If Paul Reed comes aboard the backup center last night was his college teammate. Keyshawn Justice and the dude from Marshall ought to get a Stars gig.
Also, I think I was wrong about Ross. I really like the way he controlled the game and he is great at setting up teammates. I wouldn’t mind him on a 2-way contract. He would be a nice guy to have in the G-League setting other guys up.
Hendricks needs a guy down there setting him up on the Stars.

(I’m 20% kidding.)