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Game Thread Jun 14, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers - Game 4

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Calls aren’t the issue. Have you seen us run our offense?
I understand. But if they call Kawhi for fouling, he has to sit. But they don't so he just plays. Same for PG. He fouled Don earlier. One more call, and they are without PG for the rest of the 1st.

It's simply not fair how much contact PG and Kawhi get away with.

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l Abach l

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Can someone remind me what adjustments Quin has made? Looks like he hasn't done anything - the team looks inadequately prepared


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This team just doesn't have championship DNA. A nice little cute beta regular season story. Pundits were dead on the entire year.
If by DNA you mean an abundance of top-flight talent, then you're right. If you're referring to their mentality, I gotta say nah to that. The Jazz have maximized their roster with spacing and math. The Clippers are a juggernaut, they always were, and the notion that we could just let them back in this series or that we're saving Conley for the next series that is just inevitable is, again, ****ing arrogant.

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Adjustments are overrated. But I haven’t seen a Quin team come out and literally let the exact same thing happen to them again. He had no ideas?

Mitchell is 70% at best, and is being asked to do everything. This is just not gonna work. It would really suck to go down and never once see Conley…