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    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Legendary Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan passed away at the age of 78 on Friday, May 22.

    Sloan had been dealing with Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia since April 2016.

    After learning of Sloan’s passing, the KSL Sports staff shared their thoughts, memories, and stories of one of the greatest NBA coaches in history.

    Jeremiah Jensen, SportsBeat

    .@JJSportsBeat shares his memories on Coach Jerry Sloan, including what he thinks Sloan would enjoy most about hearing all the tributes about him today.

    More on Coach Jerry Sloan's legacy: https://t.co/Y7VyFFYpba pic.twitter.com/uvTC8EJ2be

    — KSL Sports (@kslsports) May 22, 2020

    Sam Farnsworth, SportsBeat

    Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan passes away. The 4th winningest Coach in #NBA history and is part of the 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame class.#RIPJerrySloan https://t.co/vC41k1Kuhp

    — Sam Farnsworth (@SFarnsworthKSL) May 22, 2020

    Ben Anderson, Jazz Notes Podcast

    Short funny story that helped encapsulate Jerry Sloan's no ego approach to basketball.

    After he retired Sloan would still sit in on Jazz pre-draft workouts. Former Kentucky guard Archie Goodwin finishes his workout, and goes over and shakes Sloan's hand and talks to him…

    — Ben Anderson (@BensHoops) May 22, 2020

    Essentially, Sloan was never boastful or ego driven.

    Jerry was just there talking to players because he was a basketball fan.

    He didn't need Goodwin to know who he was or what he meant to the organization.

    Jerry always acted as if he was just another tool in the box.

    — Ben Anderson (@BensHoops) May 22, 2020

    Tom Hackett, It’s Utah’s World Podcast

    [​IMG] https://t.co/AT5PnBQ69u

    — Tom Hackett (@TomCantHackett) May 22, 2020

    Trevor Allen, Crimson Corner Podcast

    He is a big reason why the Jazz are what they are today. I am grateful that I got to watch the teams he coached and follow this team closely throughout the early part of my life. Thank you for the memories that will last a lifetime!#JerrySloan #TakeNote

    — Trevor Allen (@TrevorASports) May 22, 2020

    Matt Glade, The Scotsman Podcast

    I think Jerry's goals for the Jazz heading into training camp for the 89-90 season could be said about every team he ever coached. #TakeNote #JerrySloan pic.twitter.com/BJxzqu0P4x

    — Matthew L Glade (@matthewLksl) May 22, 2020

    Zak Hicken, SportsBeat Afterhours Podcast

    I had one chance to meet #JerrySloan, back in 2016, shortly after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s & Lewy body dementia. He was incredibly gracious with me as I fumbled over my words excitedly thanking him for his time as the head coach of the Jazz. He’ll be missed. @kslsports

    — Zak Hicken (@zakhicken) May 22, 2020

    Hema Heimuli, SportsBeat Afterhours Podcast

    Sloan lesson #1: You fight for your boys. https://t.co/5HQKyJLHrQ

    — Hemā Heimuli Jr. (@x_hems) May 22, 2020

    Matt Baiamonte, Cougar Sports Saturday

    One of the best coaches the #NBA has ever seen. https://t.co/aJstXDdQgx

    — Matthew Baiamonte (@baiamontematt) May 22, 2020

    Kyle Ireland, Digital Sports Producer

    I’ll never forget seeing Coach Sloan’s 1223 wins go up in the rafters at @vivintarena. Everyone that night showed him how much they appreciated him for what he did for the @utahjazz and the state of Utah. #TakeNote #JerrySloan @kslsports pic.twitter.com/zhDX1qCERf

    — Kyle Ireland (@kyleireland) May 22, 2020

    Nate Dowdle, KSL Sports Director

    Best memory of Jerry Sloan is when I was an intern at a local TV station. I arrived late with my photographer to Jerry's post-game media session. He was just wrapping up talking to all the punctual reporters in the market. I was super nervous so I apologized, and asked… (1/2)

    — Nate Dowdle (@NateDowdle) May 22, 2020

    …examples that show how patient and and caring he was. He could have made me feel so small that day. Instead, he was generous and made me feel better about myself. RIP, Coach Sloan. You were truly the best.

    — Nate Dowdle (@NateDowdle) May 22, 2020

    KSL Unrivaled

    For everything on the passing of #JerrySloan head over to @kslsports all day.

    Then tonight from 8-9 p.m., we remember Jerry Sloan with @markeaton7ft4 and @bigTbailey on @kslnewsradio. pic.twitter.com/a6AUP8fYS6

    — KSL Unrivaled (@KSLunrivaled) May 22, 2020

    For continued coverage on Jerry Sloan’s passing visit KSLSports.com/JerrySloan and tune into KSL 5 TV at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:15 p.m. (MDT).

    Just a reminder: more coverage of Jerry Sloan's passing on @KSL5TV at 5 & 6 PM, plus a special extended sportscast starting at 10:15 PM tonight honoring the legendary @utahjazz head coach.

    More online: https://t.co/PpMFVNmZwB pic.twitter.com/yCGJUlNY7s

    — Nate Dowdle (@NateDowdle) May 22, 2020

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