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Ben Anderson

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The NBA may be considering delaying broadcasts when the season resumes in Orlando to censor players’ language. The broadcasts, which will take place in arenas without fans will be able to pick up audio not regularly heard during games. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver mentioned the idea during a Time 100 Talk.

“I think there’s got to be some limits on the language,” Silver said. “I think often players, they understand when they’re on the floor, they’re saying certain things to each other because it’s so loud in the arena. They know a lot of it is not being picked up. They may have to adapt their language a little bit knowing what they say will likely be picked up by microphones and in all seriousness, we may need to put a little bit of a delay.”

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— TIME (@TIME) June 30, 2020
The NBA’s national broadcasts regularly feature six-second delays to allow stations to censor language caught on microphone.

Players React

Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell was one of several NBA players to react to the NBA’s attempt at censorship. The Jazz are one of 22 teams resuming the season at The Walt Disney World Resorts in Florida.

“Naaaa let me hear it
,” Mitchell tweeted.

Naaaa let me hear it

— Donovan Mitchell (@spidadmitchell) June 30, 2020
Jordan Clarkson, Mitchell’s teammate responded to the Jazz guard’s tweet.

give the people what they want,” Clarkson replied.

Shareef O’Neal, son of NBA hall of fame Center Shaquille O’Neal also responded to Silver’s talk of a delay.

“Lmaooo this was a question I had” O’Neal tweeted. “With no crowd ?! You’ll hear everything hoopers say

Lmaooo this was a question I had ! With no crowd ?! You’ll hear everything hoopers say

— Shareef O’Neal (@SSJreef) June 30, 2020
Silver On Issues Beyond NBA Censor

Silver also addressed issues the league will face beyond censoring broadcasts. As league players return to their host cities to prepare for the NBA’s return, a growing number of players are testing positive for coronavirus.

While the league has said it doesn’t plan to cancel the season when a player does test positive in Florida, there’s no guarantee the league will complete the season.

“We have a panel of scientists, doctors, experts that are working with us,” Silver said.

“Certainly, if we have a lot of cases, we’re going to stop.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is doing a Time 100 talk today and said again that if conditions in the bubble get bad, the NBA will stop. "If cases are isolated, that's one thing. .. But if we had a lot of cases, we're going to stop."

He also says he won't be there the whole time.

— Tim Reynolds (@ByTimReynolds) June 30, 2020
Despite the concerns, Silver believes the NBA bubble will be the safest location for its players.

“I am absolutely convinced that it will be safer on this campus than off this campus,” Silver said. “Because there aren’t many other situations I’m aware of where there’s mass testing of asymptomatic employees.”

NBA teams are set to travel to Orlando beginning July 7. The season returns when the Jazz face the New Orleans Pelicans on July 30.

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