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Kutv interviews Clarkson without realizing it

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Wow, this is super funny, Clarkson is awesome. How can you not recognize him? Like I would understand not knowing Matt Thomas, but Jordan has to be one of our most recognizeable players.
She should be ashamed… not because he plays for the Jazz but because she didn’t recognize the coolest ************* on the planet. Jk

Super hilarious and JC played it perfectly. That “yeah a lot” played on a loop is just perfect.


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Wow- how ****ing stupid can you be.... Why are these people in these jobs?

In her defense, they were interviewing about Jazz fans reactions to the annouced requirements by the Jazz for going into Vivint Arena this season. So even if kinda Jazz related, the topic of conversation wasn't much about the sports side of it (and not everyone in town and media should be that much of a fan of the Jazz, NBA, sports in general, etc).

Still funny as hell tho


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If this isn't a moment for anyone that talked about trading Clarkson to eat some crow, i don't know what would be

I acknowledge my mistake