Locked on Jazz - EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Bojan Bogdanovic at the buzzer wins it for the Jazz

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    SUMMARY: A Bojan Bogdanovic game winning three gives the Jazz a 103-100 over the Milwaukee Bucks

    • After a near colossal melt down the Utah Jazz survived with a 103-100 win with brilliant defensive plays by Rudy Gobert and a corner three from Bojan Boganovic.

    • The Jazz had control of the game leading 100-92 with the basketball and 90 seconds to play and a litany of mistakes allowed the Bucks a chance to win the game with 8 seconds left. The Bucks had the ball and inbounded to the corner to Kris Middleton. When Middleton turned to shoot Rudy Gobert was there and Middleton opted to drop the ball hoping to not get called for a travel but was. Any other decision at that moment sends the game to overtime. Instead, the Jazz got 2 seconds left and Quin Snyder diagrammed a play where Bojan Bogdanovic flaired the corner got a good look a made the three.

    • The Jazz lead this game by 20 at the half after a brilliant first half and a lot of poor Bucks shooting. The Jazz built a great defensive wall and didn’t give Giannis any room to drive. The way to think about would be a running back who couldn’t find a whole. The Jazz defenders got back and were connected and there was no where for Giannis to go. He went 0 for 1 in the first quarter and 0 for 7 in the first half. He had 3 points

    • The Bucks didn’t take a shot at the rim in the first quarter

    • Bojan Bogdanovic had another mammoth first quarter with 10 points.

    • Mike Conley was terrific in the first half with 19 points. Unfortunately he got three fouls and had to be taken out of the game. The Bucks play their bigs at the rim and they drop back on the pick and roll to deny the rim. In turn, they give up the off the bounce three point shot and Conley took advantage in the first half to nail 4 three pointers off the bounce

    • The Bucks shooting was miserable. They shot 22% in the first half and 22% from three. They were 5 of 23 shooting in both the first and the second quarter. Some of this was the Jazz defense forcing them out of their transition game but this was a bad night. The Bucks are the #1 offense in the NBA and #2 half court offense.

    • The Bucks opened the game with Brook Lopez shooting threes because they wanted to pull Rudy out of the middle. It didn’t work as he missed the shots.

    • Rudy Gobert had an amazing block on Giannis tonight.

    • The Jazz held the #1 defense to below a point a possession

    • After the slow first half Giannis had the highest scoring quarter of this career in the 3rd quarter and despite 2 points in the first half he finished with 30 points and 13 rebounds. He was unstoppable in the third quarter. Once he gets a rhythm and some energy it is over. He got to the rim, the drove over people and through people and he willed the Bucks back into the game.

    • The Bucks took their first lead at 89-88 in the 4th quarter

    • The Bucks got the game down to 2 in the third quarter and then it went back to 11 and then the Bucks lead and then the Jazz got it back to eight before they collapsed and then won it by 3.

    • Beating the Bucks and the Sixers in back to back games is impressive. Now a stretch where the Jazz can find a rhythm.

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