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Game Thread Mar 13, 2023 05:30PM MT: Jazz at Heat

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Bam anticipated that pass and extended his arm out to prevent that pass to Kessler, great defensive play by Bam.
He could have slipped it by I think... just gotta time it right. Rookie mistake going for a finesse layup instead of going right into him or giving a drop off pass. Bringing it down like that allowed Bam to contest the shot and the pass.
Heartbreaking loss. Lauri missed his last five shots... Would really loved to have a win and great ending for the 4th for him for the growth. Well, back at home on Fri. Some tough games ahead but we are gonna make it to the post-season. I feel if we could just get Sexton back that might be the difference maker. Our defense without JC is much better so he can take his time with his finger.
Just felt like we played better than them for the majority of the game.
Agree... Jimmy just finds ways to win though. The three and the block was huge (bricked the free throws though). I honestly thought we'd lose by double digits... but these mfers show up every night and don't give up.