Mitchell injury


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Luckily it doesn’t seem too serious. I think the Jazz can manage and cope with an injury to Mitchell much much easier than they could an injury to Gobert.

It might even benefit some of the other jazz players to some degree in the long run. Mitchell seems to be forcing the issue a bit too much lately.

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As per the Athletic, it is an ankle sprain and the x-ray came back negative, which is a positive sign. They plan to do an MRI tonight to make sure there isn't any structural damage.

Bleacher report article.

I'm relieved that it's not worse, and am again reminded of how bad I felt for Murray and Nuggets fans.

A few of my concerns:

-I worry that missing games can hurt a player's momentum. Donovan is having a great season, and now he'll need to heal up, then get back into game shape, and the team around him will have to go through adjustments accordingly.

-I worry about losing games and losing the top seed, which is such a deserved accomplishment, and impacts playoff seeding.

-Most of all I worry about the extra mileage this is going to put on Mike Conley, who's already had the hamstring stuff this season which could easily flare up. And Ingles is going to carry a bigger load now, and with his age and history it seems like he really excels the most when his minutes are kept a bit lower. We want both of these guys fresh for the playoffs. In fact, it might be worth dealing with a few losses if it means some extended rest for them.

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I hope he doesn't miss more than 4 or 5 looked bad. He couldn't put much pressure on it at all. Fingers crossed there isn't anything else going on. Bogie, Mike, and JC will have step up their roles.

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Based in n his reaction I’ll say it was a bad ankle sprain... like a 2-3 week injury. He got up fast which is I think partly why he was so slow with the walking. It hurts like hell. He will be fine.


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It’s a good stretch for this to happen, not that you want it to happen. But maybe this will let us focus in a lot better and not have the trap games. I think this makes the LA games easier because we’re more likely to play a bit tougher knowing we’re short handed.


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This is a bummer and ankle sprains suck. I am worried about losing the #1 seed but maybe other guys step up. I would love to see both Hughes and Brantley get some playing time. So Joe moves up to be a starter and then someone on the scrub team is promoted to the 2nd Unit.