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NBA Draft Night Thread -- Live Reaction


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Yep. And Hornacek, although not a real "wing" in the modern sense, was a 20 ppg scorer before he got to the Jazz and took a back seat to Malone.

Frankly AK could have been that guy if we hadn't had Boozer.


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Hayward counts as a wing for sure. If he would have stayed.....

All happens for a reason.

I'm starting to think we trade everybody but Don, get really young players like Williams, and shelve Don after the All Star Break for something "medical" and truly tank for the first time.

Win the lottery and maybe we get some magic.

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Got to give it up to the Oklahoma City Thunder:

Round 1, No. 2: Chet Holmgren, Gonzaga (Will need some baby formula, food, & reps...
Round 1, No. 11: Ousmane Dieng, NZ Breakers (acquired in trade with Knicks)
Round 1, No. 12: Jalen Williams, Santa Clara

Round 2, No. 34: Jaylin Williams, Arkansas

Release the Kraken

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It’s a bit. If you’re not already familiar, awkward/cringe comedy is a massively popular genre of comedy and has been for well over a decade.
That it’s cringe worthy satire is the obvious part. It’s the inflections and tempo I was referring to. One thing does not preclude the other - there are extremely high functioning folks on the spectrum you know. In terms of comedy it reminded me so much of some of the kids I used to work with.

PS My original comment was rhetorical and I was just throwing it out there.