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Official Timberwolves/76ers/Nets Pick Watch


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And 1.5 games out of the 11th seed. Also a lot of the better western teams have been beat up pretty good by injuries so when teams get healthy we should start to finally see some separation.
Ya i agree there will be separation. Jazz will get healthy, their schedule will get much easier, and the jazz will rise to the top of the west and start to separate from the riff raff.


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I mean it’s not really a question… it’s by how much… they down 20 in first half to warriors. Schedule going to get rough for them. I’m sad for Rudy… but so happy for that pick.

Well, if you just want a center who can put up 7 pts and 3 rebs on 6 shot attempts in a half, Walker Kessler can do that. I just noticed that Kessler hasn't missed a FGA in his last 5 games combined (11/11).


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I am enjoying this so ****ing much. They really turned a corner didn’t they? Lmao

What is Goberts value? Some could argue not what they gave. With his age and his contract I’d have to agree. I loved me some Gobert, but didn’t see him as the best Jazz player ever as some. He was limited in offense and with that shouldn’t have made the money he was making in my opinion. His defense was a site to behold at times. But had a bigger impact I believe because of the system Snyder put in to maximize his game. But with that, it isn’t champion material. And now the wolves are paying a player that kind of money that is 30 years old with no system to maximize the talents he brings. Good thing for the Jazz!!!


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Maybe we can reacquire him for a second round pick.
They’re going to have to give a pick or two to get ready of Gobert’s insane contract in a year or two, not that they have any left.

That gobert contract scared the **** out of me even when we were good. It’s going to be a major albatross by the end of it. Part of me didn’t think we’d get much of anything back when we tried to move it, that we got all we did…probably the biggest fleece in NBA history. Ainge is going to Hell and I’m glad he’s here.