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Offseason Grade?

What's your grade for the results of the Jazz's offseason?

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    Votes: 2 4.0%
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    Votes: 4 8.0%
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    Votes: 13 26.0%
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    Votes: 6 12.0%
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I know there's a lot of concern about the processes through which we got here, and feel free to discuss those in the comments, but try for the poll to stick with the results :
  • Ending up with a salary that looks like just a bit above the luxury tax
  • Losing: Davis, Bradley, Mudiay, JWF, Tucker
  • Adding: Favors, Azubuike, Shaq, Hughes, Forrest
  • Actively retaining: Clarkson, Morgan, Niang, Oni, Brantley
  • TBD: NWG
(Only 10 options possible for the poll; so I couldn't add D, D-, or F)
  • Much more clarity in style of play (anchored by good rim-protecting, pick & roll big; lots of skill and shooting at other positions; (potentially) good role players sprinkled in)
  • Better balance between offense and defense than either of last two years
  • Big immediate defensive upgrade in two key positions (backup 5 and spot specialist at 1-3)
  • Increased depth
  • More optimism that (at least some of the) young players can make spot contributions
  • Many more realistic lineup possibilities to match up with opponents

  • Likelihood that big defensive 3/4 still not on roster (unless Brantley surprises)
  • Limited breadth of skills among bigs
  • Too many specialists: not enough players who simultaneously bring both strong offense and defense; in the likely regular rotation centers still retain tremendous defensive burden
  • Rebounding outside of the 5 position still a question mark, especially within regular rotation
Incomplete until we see what happens with Gobert.
True. I'm assuming he'll remain with the team. (And for the poll, I'm really thinking of this season, though you may wish to think more long term, of course)
Went with a C- with the moves so far. Quick thoughts.

Favors was a decent move. I would have liked to use the MLE on a wing, but not sure that guy was available.

The dumping of Davis and Bradley...those previous mistakes, but they probably paid too much to off them.

Clarkson was an expensive contract, but losing him for nothing would have been really bad.

Udoka is a decent prospect for a late second rounder, but I hate this love in tandem with the Favors signing. 3 years riding the bench for him.

Shaq was a very good contract on the minimum. It’s not a guarantee he’s good enough to be a rotation player, but an excellent bet to make.

Overall, a lot of middling moves that were mostly fine. I don’t think they had a lot to work with because they blew everything on Conley. Udoka and Shaq were the two moves that were not middling IMO. Wasting a first round draft pick is more damaging than getting a good flier at the minimum, so that’s why I have them at below average.

The Rudy renegotiation is what really matters, however.
Was a F but the signing of Shaq alone bumps it up by two levels so now it's a solid C
Was a F but the signing of Shaq alone bumps it up by two levels so now it's a solid C
A C is a bad grade tho.

I went B- which in my mind is "fine", and that's only because they got Shaq. Probably would've went C- otherwise.
B+. I’m thrilled to have Favors back, and keeping Clarkson was absolutely necessary. Getting Mitchell to sign his extension is a relief, now we just need Rudy to sign his. Shaq is definitely intriguing.
I don't know if they could have done much else. I don't think there was better players that were options. Dumping players was necessary, we maybe over paid to rush it but I don't mind that. Obviously I wish we didn't have to do that but that's previous mistakes, although I think they were okay signings at the time. So I'll give it a pass. I think some trades would make us better but no idea what's available and we have time to make those. I would rather see how this squad does first anyways. Then address issues closer to the deadline.

Favors fills one of our biggest holes. We also generally know what he gives us and that's pretty good. Favors makes this team better, especially in the playoffs. I'm not sure there's many realistic players that would improve us more than favors. It also makes us look more favorable to other FAs to see guys coming back by choice because they like it here. Addressing some wing defense is great. Although it seems we didn't prioritize it much or at least took a big gamble to wait for one after he didn't get better offers.

We need to retain Gobert I don't really care the price. If we don't we better get a good trade for him. I'll be pretty nervous if we haven't signed him and the trade deadline passes.

I gave them a B+. I could see going a little lower or higher though depending on how you viewed decisions.
Personally I think we should trade Conley or Clarkson. I think their roles are redundant in the second unit and not complementary to each other. Conley is the better player but we have a better contract with Clarkson.
I would say an A.

* We re-signed JORDAN CLARKSON the best scorer off the bench since Thurl Bailey. Guys love playing for Quin Snyder. He came back - he had big city offers.
* We re-signed the 2nd big we needed who previously had us as a top 3 defense in the league. Favors said he loves playing for Coach Quin.
* Favors return should make Rudy's job easier.
* We drafted the best defensive big prospect in the last 5 years. Both because Favors averages about 60 games over the last 5 years, and as a Gobert back up and as an insurance policy - and to match the Lakers size (AD, M. Gasol, M. Harrell - and now Pau Gasol's rumored return) - super shrewd.
Elijah was also considered a super steal by many outside scouts - time will tell.
* We got one of the most active perimeter defenders in the league - if Shaq Harrison plays with Rudy or Udoka - he's going to have a field day with steals and fast breaks -should be fun to watch.
C as we're a first, maaaaybe second round exit once again. Pretty mediocre and a low standards set for this FO.
I gave it a solid B. Some bad pick management but we were able to re-sign JC, bring back Favs and sign Harrison for cheap. We're a better team than last season and although we're typically a team built for roster shuffling due to injury/matchups I think the depth and roster versatility is stronger than in years past. Plus our defense is once again going to be talked about.
In what world are people thinking we overpaid for Clarkson? We could move that contract for value in a second if we didn't desperately need what he brings ouselves.
Really hard to grade things without an extension for Gobert. And, the FO themselves said this was a major priority, so if they don’t get it done, then....
I gave a C+

Extensions - B
So glad we have Donovan signed up for at least the next 5 years. So glad it wasn't some 3 year with an option or worse.
The Rudy situation is concerning. The entire offseason grade goes up to an A- if Rudy signs a fair extension. If he doesn't sign an extension at all, the offseason drops to a D+.

Additions - B+
Favors - We spent $8+ million last year on Ed and Green who didn't fit. We know Favors does on and off the court. All things considered, we solidified the minutes at C when Rudy sits. Maybe Favors can help us match up on Jokic and AD better if we make the playoffs
Shaq - good addition, but concerning that nobody else wanted him if he's that much of a force
Udoka - I don't mind the pick. Sure he's going to sit behind Rudy and Favors a ton, but his upside might be worth it especially since he fits our system.
Hughes - I'm intrigued, but I don't make knee jerk reactions to 2nd round picks

Cap Shedding Moves - D
The assets used to dump Ed, TB and Tucker are mind blowing really. It seemed like these moves were rushed. The trade with NY could have waited. Who knows, maybe we are drafting Udoka at #25 but saving a couple 2nd rounders on dumping those 3. Regardless, these 3 moves look very, very poor.

I'm happy over all. C+ is a good grade. It's above average, but not overwhelming. We lost assets and we are putting a ton of expectations on Oni, Brantley and Shaq helping us with our questionable perimeter defense. I have faith.

Can't get any higher without locking down Gobert, or flipping him for value. And still can't get any higher than B- without solving the Conley problem and the perimeter D issues. Pretty meh off-season tbh.
They did some real serious garbage on the edges, but they replaced Bradley and Niang with Favors and Shaq Harrison. All in all, not terrible. The garbage was unnecessary and is gonna hurt down the road, but they made the team better.
They did some real serious garbage on the edges, but they replaced Bradley and Niang with Favors and Shaq Harrison. All in all, not terrible. The garbage was unnecessary and is gonna hurt down the road, but they made the team better.
Shaq replaces NIang?
I gave it a C- with the caveat that there's room for that to grow.


- Jettisoned some bad contracts and players who didn't fit
- Signed Shaq and Clarkson and extended DM
- Like the Favors signing


- May regret our draft picks when other prospects were on the board
- Sending out picks to shed salary is bad FO management
- Rudy's situation will continue to play through the offseason
- Bench shooting is still an issue

With our cap, we couldn't change the world and think we all knew that, but think Azy could have been had in Hughes spot and we could have taken Bane and some more scoring punch. Maybe Hughes eventually contributes, just can't shake the Almond/Murphy vibe.

Whatever the case may be, it's clear that Mitchell is the focal point and team needs to be built around him. He's the best player we've had since the statues and we need to run with it.