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RealGM reports Jazz interested in Trading for John Collins

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Interesting discussion here with both parties making valid points IMO. I’m probably higher on KO than either of you guys and am not interested in a trade for Collins that includes Olynyk. I think his playmaking, shooting and sensibilities are key to our 5 out schemes, and in that respect he’s not easily replaced.

We proved last night that we can finish without Conley on the floor. An immediate point guard fill-in or replacement may not be quite as urgent as presumed due to our non ball dominant approach. Personally, I would only consider a Collins trade that contained either Conley or Sexton. (We’d have to wait till the 15th to trade Sexton.)

Short of that possible trade scenario, the trade that really blows my hair back is either one of those pieces and change for Jonathan Isaac and RJ Hampton. Conley and Juzang does the trick or Sexton and Gay or maybe Agbaji. Isaac is more team oriented than Collins and I believe better on the defensive end and less demanding in terms of minutes or role. Hampton is an Uber athletic point guard with career averages in 3pt% and FT% this season on a roster with a surfeit of capable point guards.
As I say, I obviously appreciate Olynyk and his contributions to our five out style of play more than most. He’s not trade fodder for me as his familiarity with the system and his ability to playmake and dish are elite for a big. Collins at about an assist a game should not be viewed as a replacement for Olynyk but would be an upgrade offensively to Vando who would then come off the bench for us to do what he does.

Also the following two weeks should give us some indication of just how indispensable Conley is: how well we compete without him; whether he should be considered now as trade bait; and whether he could be replaced more affordably by a younger player such as RJ Hampton for example (see above).

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I doubt Atlanta does that anyways so it may be a moot point.
I think they might but would route Vando to Phoenix with Holiday for Crowder? I think they are almost out of runway to move Collins as their cap situation gets nasty next year. Big part of the reason they did the Huerter deal was to avoid future salary and to duck the tax this year. Collins is their ticket out of the jam so the salary relief would be huge and if they get some decent players too it might be viewed as a win at this point.

I could see Indiana or SA offering something better... but for me Gay/Vando/KO is as far as I'd go. Again - he's intriguing but I think we might do better if we landed a player like Hart or pushed in some assets for Turner. I think Vando/KO is the place to look for an upgrade but our lineup is wonky yet effective. I think Collins could be a long term solution to provide some of what KO does and add some more athleticism/make us a bit more dynamic. IDK... its tricky... so I'm only buying if its a Black Friday type of deal.


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With any trade I guess it depends on what you are giving up and what else you are getting, but I just don't see Collins making a big improvement to the win column.


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Educate me lol. Maybe someone should educate you on how to read since I literally posted this a couple posts above yours:

Now on the other hand i think we are undefeated when lauri scores over 20 points per game so maybe more touches would only make us better.

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You are very welcome for the education. Hopefully we don't need to have another discussion about Lauri needing more touches in the future.


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His poor form is what makes it a real opportunity IMO. If Collins was averaging 22/10 on 66 TS% this wouldn't be a discussion because he wouldn't come cheap....but he's at lowest. I feel like we'd be on the right side of a buy low, sell high transaction.

I personally like his fit next to Lauri going forward, but I also just see this as a good opportunity to get a talented player that we can rehabilitate. Collins isn't perfect, but I trust Hardy to get the most out of him and if he can that would be a huge reward. I like what he's done with everyone else on the roster and think he can do the same with Collins.
The big problem that I see is to actually maximize Collins you have to put him in the Lauri role. The reason why his numbers have dropped the last few years is that Capela took over as the role man since he is incapable of stretching the floor and that left Collins as more of a spot up shooter. Personally I would rather continue to build Lauri's confidence in being the number 1 guy than risk him taking a step back to the player has been in the past. That is by far my biggest concern. I want to do everything possible to help Lauri build that star mentality.