Salt City Hoops - Taking Utah’s Temperature at the All-Star Break

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    Jul 10, 2013
    An extended All-Star break is perfect not only for the players, who get more time to rest their ailing bodies, but for those of us covering them as well. Writers and bloggers alike need a reset button too, and what better time to step back […][h=3]Author information[/h][​IMG]
    Ben Dowsett

    Ben Dowsett is a life-long Jazz fan and general sports fanatic based in Salt Lake City. He also writes for Nylon Calculus (Hardwood Paroxysm/Fansided Network), and can be heard on the airwaves for the SCH podcast and appearances with ESPN AM 700. With a strong background in both statistics and on-court fundemantals, he writes primarily as an in-depth strategic analyst. He can be found on Twitter at @Ben_Dowsett.

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