Salt City Hoops - Who is Toure’ Murry?

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    Jul 10, 2013
    After a smattering of rumors, the Utah Jazz went ahead and signed point guard Toure’ Murry a few weeks ago.*Who is Murry and what are his chances of making the team, and beyond that, making an impact? Murry is a 6’5″ point guard who played […][h=3]Author information[/h][​IMG]
    David J Smith

    Besides writing for Salt City Hoops, David contributes to the Utah Jazz coverage for the Deseret News (instant analysis articles),, and previously for He graduated from BYU and works for LDS Philanthropies. His wife, Elizabeth, is the most patient person in the world and they have four amazing children; Kadence, Tayah, Stockton (yes, really), and Cambria.

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